Cohen – Biology-Ecology, Behavior & Evolution

Kristina Cohen
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding

The Warkentin Lab studies environmentally cued hatching in frogs both locally and in the neotropics. I am seeking a sophomore or junior who would like to begin volunteering this spring and apply for summer UROP funding for the summer. The work will be a combination of field work (collecting frog eggs from local ponds) and lab work (molecular, histology, immunohistochemistry). Students should have an interest in amphibian ecology, evolution, and behavior, good manual dexterity, and attention to detail.


UROP Information

Fall 2014 Applicants will be notified of a decision by September 30th

The 17th Annual UROP Symposium will be held on October 17th, 2014

The UROP Application will be open for Spring 2014 applications in mid to late November

Spring 2014 Funding Applications will be due on December 4th at noon