Electrical Engineering – Oberortner

Professor Ernst Oberortner

Options: Volunteer, UROP, Academic Credit

The Cross-disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research (CIDAR) group is looking for an undergraduate programmer to assist in the development of our ecosystem of software tools (Clotho). We do exciting work applying electrical and software engineering principles to design and automate problems in the synthetic biology research domain. For example, we develop software tools and languages to express genetic circuits, to find the most efficient way to synthesize them, and to automate robotics that carry out their physical DNA assembly. See cidarlab.org, clothocad.org, and eugenecad.org for further information.

This position is an excellent opportunity to get involved with the 2013 BU iGEM team (travel included), learn more about the accelerating and lucrative field of synthetic biology, and to gather work experience in a multi-cultural and agile research team. Our team draws from a wide range of backgrounds, including electrical engineering, computer science, and biology, so mentorship and training from diverse perspectives will be available. We also have a wide range of academic and industrial partners all over the US and Europe, and, hence, an excellent track record in preparing undergraduates for graduate-level research and industry.

We are looking for a self-motivated, passionate undergraduate student who can provide a time commitment of at least 15 hours a week, a strong Java background, and a willingness to learn. Biology knowledge is not required, but is a plus. Preference will be given to students who expect to be able to continue working for several semesters with us, or our collaborators, and financial support may be available in later semesters.

UROP Information

UROP Abstracts are due August 7.

Applications for Fall 2015 funding are due at noon on September 10.

The 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium will be on Friday, October 16, 2015.