Mehren – Global Health/Public Relations and Journalism

Elizabeth Mehren
Options: Volunteer Basis, Potential for UROP Funding

The Boston University Project on Crisis Response and Reporting is an innovative, cross-disciplinary collaboration between the College of Communication and School of Public Health/Center for Global Health and Development. In addition, we partner with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting in Washington, D.C. In just under two years of existence, we have sent students from both fields of study to Nepal, where the focus was child brides/early marriage, and Haiti, where our students investigated the cholera outbreak. We have sponsored several conferences that brought together global experts, members of the academic community and the public to look at the intersection between journalism and public health at times of crisis. We have just received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and are seeking a UROP student to help us with public relations as we launch a partn! ership with two universities in Kenya that will ferret out and then recount stories of how foreign aid works, told from the recipients’ point of view. This opportunity includes the possibility of travel and study in Kenya.