Corriveau – Psychology

Kathleen Corriveau

Options: Volunteer, UROP, Academic Credit

The Social Learning Laboratory at Boston University’s School of Education studies how children use adults and children to learn about the world. We test children in schools, local museums, through home visits and in the lab. This position is an opportunity for students who are interested in developmental psychology and education to be involved in all aspects of research including literature review, study design, collection and analysis of data and presentation at local and national conferences.

In this position you will:

• Participate in weekly research meetings

• Assist in recruiting participants

• Provide support in creating a database of participants

• Be involved in the development of testing materials to be used in studies

• Assist in the testing of children at the Museum of Science in Boston

Qualified students will:

• Have an interest in working with young children and child development

• Have an interest in quantitative methods in educational and psychological research (completion of a research methods course is preferred, but no prior experience including coursework is required)

• Be organized, efficient, responsive to email, and good at communicating with a research team

• Be available one weekend day a week to facilitate research at the Museum of Science


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If you are interested, please email Dr. Kathleen Corriveau ( with a description of your interest, any previous research experience, and a resume.