Chemistry – Chen

Xin Chen

Options: Volunteer, Independent Funding, UROP, Work-Study, Academic Credit

Why don’t water and oil mix? Why does a protein always fold into a particular 3-dimensional structure? Why does one often get electrically shocked in winter but not in summer. These seemingly-unrelated phenomena are all governed by how molecules, water molecules particularly, behave on surfaces and interfaces.

Chen’s laboratory, newly founded in summer 2011 at BU photonics center, aims to answer those questions on the molecular level using cutting-edge ultrafast laser spectroscopy and microscopy, as well as to apply these understandings to solve important real world problems such as sensor design, nanotechnology, and biomedical applications.

We seek self-motivated students to fulfill a few positions currently available in our group.

Position #1, IR spectroscopist. The major responsibility includes sample preparation, data acquisition and analysis using IR spectroscopy. This position requires previous training on IR. Most students receive such training in the labs associated general chemistry and/or organic chemistry courses (e.g., CH203/204).

Position #2, hardware designer. Design and fabricate important hardware parts to be attached to our spectrometer. The first few devices needed include a flow chamber, a sample holder, and a humidity controlling container. This position requires experience with AutoCad and/or materials processing and machining using the scientific instruments facility at BU,

Position #3, program developer for automatic data acquisition and data analysis. This position requires experience in programming using software packages of LabView or Matlab.

Position #4, group webmaster. This position requires experience in website design using software packages, such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

Positions are open to students with strong interests in research. Students should expect to work under supervision of an experienced researcher. Preferred majors include chemistry, physics, biomedical engineering, biology, mechanical engineering and other related fields. Students planning to attend graduate schools in those fields are particularly encouraged to apply.

Contact Dr. Xin Chen for more information.