Computer Science/Statistics – Carvalho

Professor Luis Carvalho

Options: Volunteer, UROP

The aim of this project is to develop a graphical interface to Numeric Lua (, a numerical and statistical package for the Lua programming language, including plotting facilities. The graphical interface can be a web interface (in a browser) or implemented in a (portable) graphical interface. Some requirements:
- Knowledgeable about programming languages and computer graphics (plotting)
- Good programming and debugging skills
- Willing to write documentation
- Willing to learn a new programming language: Lua

Besides the main responsibility of implementing the interface, you are expected to write tests and perform them in multiple platforms. This project can result in a (academic) paper or presentations in conferences, and you are expected to produce a final report based on your research, and to participate in UROP-related activities.

If you are willing to learn a new language and help develop an environment for numerical and statistical analyses — think of a simpler Matlab, but more powerful — then this project is for you!

Please send an updated CV and a short paragraph explaining your interest and expectations in this project and feel free to mention any previous experience that is related to this project (such as, say, implementing a REPL or an interactive interface.) Please also feel free to contact me with questions and/or comments.