Expanding Postgraduate Opportunities for Current Students

Recent surveys of current and prospective students indicate that most undergraduates will pursue further university programs (including a second undergraduate degree, or specialized diplomas, credentials, or other post-bachelor programs); only 3 percent of prospective students (2008 survey) and 10 percent of current students (2009 survey) indicated that their highest level of education would be the bachelor’s degree. Students expect to pursue multiple degrees and, for those entering with substantial AP credits as well as through careful planning and advising, are able to pursue multiple degrees while at BU. Indeed, a distinct advantage that BU holds over other universities and colleges is the presence of both strong liberal arts and sciences colleges, and strong professional schools, which makes pursuing multiple degrees possible.

Recommendations for Expanding Postgraduate Opportunities

  • In addition to traditional “3 + 1” bachelor’s and master’s degrees within a discipline (such as the BA/MA in Economics), create similar “3 + 1” or “3 + 2” opportunities that cross disciplinary and school/college boundaries—especially those that combine the creative with the practical.
  • Along the lines of existing, accelerated, BS/MPH, BA/MPH degrees, create pathways for similar accelerated degrees, combining undergraduate and graduate education in various ways, such as common courses, integrated curricula, and mentoring.
  • Adopt reasonable guaranteed admission policies for graduates (and recent alumni) who wish to continue their education in their discipline at BU.

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