Service Courses and Accessibility

  • Increase the number of general service courses offered by each school and college, including 2-credit and P/F courses. These are courses that offer an introductory treatment for non-majors that could serve as a way for the student to gauge their level of interest in a subject area prior to transferring or to provide content that meets certain learning goals, such as critical thinking, the ability to conduct research, social responsibility, etc., but does so from the unique perspective of the offering school or college.
  • Encourage schools and colleges to develop one new service course each, without prerequisites, that showcases the unique aspects of their topic areas. Such courses, whose development should be informed as well by dialogue with students and faculty colleagues from outside the offering college, might be offered as 1- or 2-credit courses, or as P/F. In order to achieve a truly “One BU” culture, units that only offer graduate degrees (Law, Public Health, Theology, MED) should do the same, so that we fulfill the recruitment promises of the widest possible range of opportunities. BU schools and colleges should strive to develop new, high-quality, pedagogically innovative, general-service courses by the end of the 2010–11 academic year.

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