Undaunted by Spanish, French, and playing a callous jerk in the Winter Play Undaunted by literature, neurology, and reading The Economist Undaunted by Arabic and the history of the Middle East
Victor, ’13
Hometown: Newton
Commute: “T” (Green line)
Marwa, ’14
Hometown: Methuen
Commute: Car or Commuter Rail and “T” (Green line)
Jason, ’15
Hometown: Dover
Commute: Carpool
Undaunted by the MIT Media Lab and by political activism on an international scale Undaunted by linguistics,  fencing, and chorus Undaunted by the U.S. Patent Office, bioethics, and a monster commute
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Molly, ’12
Hometown: Brookline via York, ME
Commute: Car or “T” (Green line)
Gabriela, ’13
Hometown: Malden via Puerto Rico
Commute: #108 Bus and “T” (Orange and Green lines)
Ricky, ’12
Hometown: Plympton
Commute: Commuter Rail and “T” (Red and Green lines)