Invited talks Grace

[2016] “Modeling of Fan-Stage Broadband Noise,” l’Institut Suprieur de l’Aronqutique et de l’Espace, May 27, Osney Thermo-Fluids Laboratory, Oxford University, June 3, Rolls-Royce, UK June 6.

[2015] “Predicting Turbofan Fan-Stage Noise,” ME Dept. Case University, Feb. 23; ICTAS/Create/Aero. and Ocean Eng. Virginia Tech., March 24.

[2014] “Predicting Turbofan Fan-Stage Noise,” ME Dept. Tufts University, October 30; ME Dept. Arizona State University, November 7.

[2014] “Update on Fan Broadband Modeling,” Honeywell Corp., AZ, November 6.

[2013] “Analysis of Mean Loading Effects in Fan Broadband Noise Simulations,” Ohio Aerospace Institute, November 4.

[2012] “Predicting Turbofan Fan-Stage Noise,”  Northeastern University, October, 5.; University of Akron, December, 7.

[2012]“Progress on Broadband Turbofan Simulations.” Honeywell Corp., AZ, April, 26

[2012]“Fan Stage Broadband Interaction Noise Modeling for Turbofan Engines,” McGill University, Feb. 17; Sherbrooke University, Feb. 20

[2012] “Wind Turbine Health Impact Study Findings,”  Panel presentation at Mass. Wind Working Group mtg.,  Feb. 1

[2010] “CFD Simulation of an Acoustic Igniter”, Center for Computational Sciences, BU, Dec. 19.

[2010] “Prediction of Turbofan Noise,”  Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusettes, Lowell, Oct. 27

[2010] “Effect of Rotor Wake Structure on Fan Interaction Noise,”  Institute for Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton, UK, June 14

[2010] “Fan Nose Simulation Research,”  Pratt and Whitney/UTRC, January 22

[2009] “Using CFD to Guide Rotor Wake Formulation for FanBroadband Nose Simulations,”  Ohio Aerospace Institute.Aeroacoustics Research Consortium Meeting, December 3

[2009] “Fan Research Etc.,”  GE Global Research Center, May 26

[2009] “Work/Life Balance Panel,”  Association of Women in Science (AWIS) MA Chapter, April 22

[2004]  “Tutorial: Computational Methods in Aeroacoustics,” ASME IMECE, November 17

[2004]  “Fundamentals of Aeroacoustics,” part of the vonKarman Institute for Fluid Dynanmics Lecture series 2003-04, Advancesin Aeroacoustics and Applications,  March 15-17

[2004] “Exterior Acoustic Modeling: Wings and Gerbils,”Institute for Vibration and Sound, Southampton University, UK, Feb

[2004] “Exterior Acoustic Modeling for Gerbils,”Combustion and Acoustics Group, Mechanical Engineering, CambridgeUniversity, Feb

[2004] “Acoustic Modeling  of Wings,” Department ofMathematics and Theoretical Physics, Cambridge University, UK, Jan

2002] “Computation of Aeroacoustics: A Continuing Challenge,”Given to the faculty and graduate students at the University of Poitiers,May 17

[2001]  “Women in Engineering:  Challenges and Opportunities,”Given at Women in Technology job fair,  Bedford, MA, June 16.

[2001]  “Aerodynamic Sound in  Unbounded Flows,” Compact Green’sFunctions,” and “Vortex Sound in A Bounded Flow,” part of the vonKarman Institute for Fluid Dynanmics Lecture series 2001-02, {\em Advancesin Aeroacoustics},     March 12-16

[2001]  “Computational Aeroacoustics: Introduction and Application,”Given to researchers at FLUENT Inc., NH,  March 23

[2001] “Boundary Element Methods for Airframe Noise Prediction,”Given as part of the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, September21

[2001]  “An Overview of Computational AeroacousticsTechniques Applied to Cavity Noise Prediction,”  39th AIAAAerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, January 8

[2000]  Recent BEM Computations Applied to Airframe NoisePrediction,”  Given as researchers at NASA Langley’s CFD/acousticsdivision, August 11

[2000]“Using Incompressible, Viscous, Computational, Fluid Dynamics As A Precursor To Acoustic Predictions,” Given to the Engineeringand Math Departments at Akron University, February, 25.

[2000]“One Woman’s Career: It Started With Maths At Akron,” Aninformal talk given toa gathering of women in science and engineering (undergraduate andgraduate students as well as faculty) at Akron University, February 24

[1999]“The Sound In and Around a Cavity Due to GrazingFlow:  A New Method of Calculation”, Given at ICIAM 99in Edinburgh,  July 9

[1999]“Influence of wall aperture shape on the motionof the shear layer spanning the aperture,” Given for Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at North Eastern, Feb. 12

[1998]“Acoustic Energy Dissipation in an Open-test-section Wind Tunnel,”Given to the Acoustics Department at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, June

[1998]“Aeroacoustics: Friend, Foe, Fun,” Given for the BU Pathways Program, April 14.

[1995]“Unsteady Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics: A Brief Overview of My Favorite Topic,”  Given in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department at Oklahoma State University, December 1.