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Welcome to Unsteady Fluid Mechanics & Acoustics Laboratory!

The unsteady fluid mechanics and acoustics laboratory at BU has a long history.  In the 1970’s when the ME department was still young, researchers developed one of the first boundary element formulations for aeroelasticity and acoustics associated with helicopter rotors for NASA.  Today the tradition is carried on by several faculty who research a variety of interesting and important problems in the field.

Some of the research emphases currently under consideration are:

  • Turbofan engine fan-stage interaction noise
  • Modeling of cavitation in fuel injectors
  • Characterization of flow behind streamvanes
  • Biokinematic sensing

More information about each of these areas is given under the research portion of this website.  Click on the research on the bar above.

thumbnail_me305videoA recent student project for the Mechanics of Materials course featured Professor Grace.  Watch it by clicking the picture.


A recent comment from a graduate student completing the ME702 course offered by Professor Grace this semester: “I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot from taking it that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I will definitely be letting other people in my research group know about it in case they are interested in the future.”

Projects from the ME702 class that investigated basic flows using OpenFOAM are available here. 



I also have a new project related to biokinematic sensing.  My collaborators are Richard West in Computer Science and Cara Lewis in Physical Therapy & Athletic Training.  The description of the project is here.