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SMG SI 286 Field Projects in Urban Business Consulting

  • The course is 6 credits and takes place on the following days:
    • Monday’s from 9:00-noon and Friday’s from noon-3:00
    • Meeting with your teams and the clients are in addition to classroom time and will arranged by each team
  • The course begins June 3 and ends August 5
  • The course will take place in: KCB 103
  • Pre-requisites include: SMG SM122, SMG SM299 or equivalent introductory management course

REGISTER NOW – SMG students can register for it via the usual online registration system.  Non-SMG BU students and non-BU students can submit an online form via the Undergraduate Program office’s website.  For more information please go to:

Please note, in order to participate in the Urban Business Accelerator Program you must register for the course and pay tuition. You cannot take this as an unpaid internship. The course description follows:

Designed for undergraduate students to allow them to apply the principles and techniques taught in the business school curriculum to real business problems faced by participating urban companies and/or organizations. To accomplish this objective, teams of 3 – 4 students will spend the semester working on a business challenge and/or opportunity presented by one of the client organizations. Students will interact with their client company as if they were part of a professional management consulting team. This process will allow each team to apply specific technical and/or functional expertise in a real business situation while concurrently developing competence in critical consultative skills including interpersonal communications, team dynamics, problem solving and giving & receiving advice.  It is expected that the field work (outside classroom effort) for each member of the student consulting team will total approximately 140 – 180 hours

This course is being co-taught by Professors Erik Molander and Beth Goldstein.