Running a small business means being a “jack of all trades:” CEO, financier, operations, inventory management, human resources. A time consuming and overwhelming aspect of the job can be handling the finances- knowing where your money is coming from and where it is going. The BU Urban Business Accelerator wants to help.

Over the 10 week program, a team of Boston University students will work with you to gain control and insight of the business’s finances.

At the end of BUBA’s 10-week program, the small business will have received:

  • 180+ hours of customized financial literacy and QuickBooks training
  • Customized QuickBooks System Implementation
  • Customized QuickBooks user manual
  • Financial Dashboard with 5-6 Key Metrics
  • Client Comparisons to the industry
  • Year to Date Cost and Revenue Trends

To find out more to see if your business qualifies to participate in the program, click here.