First UB Prizes Awarded

Two graduating UB
seniors, Donald Washington and Patrica Danso, were individually awarded the UB Prize. Each student received a $500.00 check towards their freshman year college expenses. Natasha Telesford, one of the prize donors, was on hand to present the awards. Other prize donors include Tin Duc Le and Sean Rand. Upward Bound is grateful for the generous contributions of these three individuals to the prize fund.

Alumni Speaker

Christina Thai, UB Class of 1992

Though she graduated from UB twelve years ago, Ms. Thai returned to recall her experiences in the program and the success that she has achieved. The remarkable journey was eloquently captured with her personal account of a journey that continues to be rewarding. Her story is just one of the many impressive and upstanding lives alumni of UB go on to achieve. In addition, the alumni speaker also created the UB banner that hung in the lobby of the BU Law auditorium. The red banner was expertly sewn and adorned with T-shirt art work from past summers.

Members of the Alumni Planning Committee

Jason Allen, UB Class of 2003
Jonathan Castillo, UB Class of 1998
James Hairston, UB Class of 2000
Wendy Hernandez, UB Class of 1996
Tin Du Le, UB Class of 1997
Julie Lelio, UB Class of 2001
Monique Rodriques, UB Class of 1999
Christina Thai, UB Class of 1992

Special Thanks to Event Donors
The School of Education
Ruthie Beane
Sharlene Beckford
Susana Chan
Michael Dennehy
Tristen Grannum
Reginald Jean
Duoc Le
Peter Miller
Thu Kim Nguyen
Margaret Pham
Mai Pahn
Yessica Sosa
Christina Thai
Thu Truc Tran Li


Did You Know?

Today, the Upward Bound Program is funded to serve 85 students. In 1989 the program was only funded to serve 50 students.

UB ran its first summer residential program in 1990.

Since 1989, UB has served 770 Boston high school students.
Keynote Speaker

U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano arrives with his wife, Barbara.

As keynote speaker, Congressman Capuano addressed his remarks primarily to current UB participants and alumni. The Congressman in his unscripted speech reminisced about the challenges he faced while attending high school and encouraged students to make learning a lifetime goal. Finally, the Congressman challenged students to give back to their communities.

Share Your Anniversary Photos

If you have photos from the UB 15th Anniversary event that you would like to share, please Email them to or mail copies to our office at 621 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.

UB Staff with 10 Ten or More Years of Service

Marcia Abramson
Phuong Cao
Michael Dennehy
Meghan Estrada Donahue
Mark Jackson
Reginald Jean
Marie Manduca

Founders' Awards

Joy Mac Van

Former Faculty Member, College of General Studies
Ruth Shane
Director of Boston University Boston Public Schools Collaborative Office
Juliette Johnson
Deputy Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
John Silber

President Emeritus, Boston University

Institutional Support Award

Boston University's Office of the Provost

Upward Bound Directors Past and Present
Past UB directors Lois Smith and Cassie Farmer took advantage of the chance to catch up with the present UB director, Michael Dennehy, at the reception following the 15th anniversary event.

Past UB Summer Themes

Summer 2003

BU School of Education

High School Links


Guests, current program participants, and alumni were served hors d'oeuvres and light refreshments. A collection of videos from past summers were also shown giving everyone a chance to laugh and reminisce.
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