UB Prize
Thanks to the generosity of program alumni and others, Upward Bound at Boston University awarded prizes to three students in 2007. Graduating UB seniors were chosen on the basis of their academic achievement, community involvement and financial need were each awarded a $500.00 cash prize. The non-renewable prizes are designed to help recipients manage the costs associated with their freshman year of college.
Gallery of Winners
2007 Winners
2006 Winners

2005 Winners

2004 Winners

Jimmy Liu

Abdirauf Abdullahi

Karen Troncoso

Patrica Danso

Vinh Pham

Kassegn Sirmollo

Yisser Arias

Donald Washington

Lisa Hum

Shan Zhao

Ford Chung
Prize Sponsors

Natasha Telesford
Tin Duc Le
Abby Leung-Kibby
Thu Kim Nguyen
Trang Pham
Juan Lopera
JeanNate Lowe
Baotuan Nguyen
Christine Nguyen
Thuy-Hien Nguyen
Ruth Shane
Christina Thai
Jackson Chai
Nhi Vuong

Natasha Telesford
Tin Duc Le
Susan Chan
Luis Flores
Sonia Higginbottom
Thu Kim Nguyen
Chien Pham
Monique Rodrigues
Jeffrey Chan
Lynn Huynh
Reggie and Ruthie Jean
Ruth Shane
JeanNate Lowe

Natasha Telesford
Tin Duc Le
Luis Flores
Deolinda Rodrigues
Michael Dennehy
Ruth Shane
Wendy Hernandez
Natasha Telesford
Tin Duc Le
Sean Rand

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Regional Alumni Group
Upward Bound alumni, as members of the TRIO community, are invited to learn more about the regional efforts to organize an alumni group. The New England Educational Opportunity Association (NEOA) is assisting in the process by providing an online registry. Visit NEOA to sign-up and TRIO to learn more about programs like Upward Bound.
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