Professional Staff

At this time, there are no openings for professional staff.  Any available positions will be listed here and on the Boston University Human Resources website.

Student Staff

Working at the Tsai Center can be a great job, with lots of variety and flexibility.  Our student staff is a very important component of Tsai Center operations and we have high expectations of their work.  We employ up to 30 students and expect them to be professional, friendly, and helpful to our clients.  Students get to work on a variety of events, such as dance shows, music concerts, lectures, films, and operas.  We are proud of our reputation with both BU departments and our external clients for having an outstanding student workforce. Please contact the person listed below for the position you are interested in.

Production Staff / Stage Crew

Responsibilities include setting up the stage, lighting, sound, and multi-media needs for all events at the Tsai Center, including classes, rehearsals, concerts, and theatrical productions. Act as a representative of Boston University to performers and clients.

SCHEDULE: Varies.  Daytime and evening shifts, weekday and weekends.
DRESS CODE:  Specific dress appropriate to events, such as concert dress or show blacks, as assigned by Technical Director for each shift.
CONTACT: JoLaine Hall, Technical Director, 617-358-1698


Handles the front-of-house for any event with an audience. Responsibilities include taking tickets, handing out programs, assisting with seating, enforcing Tsai Center policies, light cleaning, and customer service. Act as a representative of Boston University to patrons.  NOTE: Box office positions are only open to current usher staff.

SCHEDULE: Varies.  Typically weekday evenings and weekends.
DRESS CODE: Red sweater and white polo provided.  Black pants and black shoes provided by student.
CONTACT: Rena Luczkewicz, Production & Operations Assistant, 617-358-5076