Stage Setup Options

When booking the Tsai Center, it’s important to have an idea of your stage setup. Below are the most common variety of choices available.

Orchestra Shell Setup

This setup uses the moveable Wenger acoustic panels to create a stage for an orchestra or an individual musician. The full orchestra shell is used for large orchestras and utilizes the entire stage space available. The short orchestra shell is used for soloist concerts or concerts with a limited number of musicians and utilizes only half of the stage space available. Occasionally the acoustic panels are rotated and used as legs to create entrances onto stage to create a more theatrical setup.


Orchestra setup
Full Orchestra Shell

Short orchestra shell setup
Short Orchestra Shell

Orchestra Shell as Legs setup
Orchestra Shell as Legs

Lecture & Film Setup

This setup involves the main curtain being in, therefore only the front apron of the stage is available. The filmscreen can be used and because the apron is an elevator (pit lift), the height of the stage can be variable. A lowered apron creates a more intimate conversational setting between the speaker and audience.

Lecture & Film Groundplan

Lecture & film setup

Soft Goods Setup

This setup is used for theatrical, dance, and opera productions. Black velour legs and borders are hung in addition to the traveller, cyclorama, and scrim (or any combination of these soft goods). Most of the student groups that use the Tsai Center use this soft goods setup for their dance or cultural shows. The green main curtain can typically be used in this setup configuration. There are a number of options for hanging legs. Please refer to the groundplans for specific setup. If you are unsure which setup is best for your event, please consult with your Tsai Production Staff contact.