Wheelchair accessible

Wheelchair Accessible


Parking: Accessible parking is located in CAS lot (directly behind the Tsai Center) at 240 Bay State Road for BU permit holders. For non-BU permit holders, please note that anyone displaying a valid HP/V license plate or placard may park for free at any parking meter within the City of Boston as described under Article IV, Section 4, paragraph 3 of the Traffic Rules and Regulations-City of Boston (July 1, 1999).

Map: View the map and click on “Accessibility” to see the entrance to our building.

Entering the building: Next to the accessible spaces, a ramp leads to automatic doors marked “Tsai Performance Center Guest Entrance”.  Enter the building here and then enter the main basement hallway through the second set of automatic doors.  Go to the left and take the elevator to the 1st floor.  You will exit the elevator in the marble lobby in front of the Tsai Center.

NOTE: All entrances along Commonwealth Avenue have stairs. Ramp access is only available from the rear parking lot.

Getting around BU: Boston University Disability Services is an excellent resource for learning about our campus.