January 2017:

January 2012:

Scientific American MIND

Scientific American MIND (January/February 2012 issue) cited our work on cognitive reappraisal of emotional memory in its special report on memory (pg. 24-31).



November 2009:

  • A new article by the Associated Press takes a look at Dr. Pannu Hayes’s work on PTSD, TBI, and diffusion tensor imaging.  This article, entitled “Scans show PTSD effects”, was featured by news sources such as ABC News, the Boston Globe, and Yahoo!News.
  • ISTSS Conference (Nov 5-7, 2009): The annual ISTSS conference highlights contributions in trauma studies, from neuroimaging to treatment advances.  Dr. Pannu Hayes presented on the neural correlates of emotional memory in PTSD and evolving neuroimaging approaches..
  • Partnership for Military Medicine Symposium (Nov 6, 2009): The symposium, part of the Tug McGraw Foundation Fundraiser, aims to draw attention to new advances in research and clinical care in the field of military medicine.  Dr. Pannu Hayes will discuss the current trends in neuroscience research of PTSD and TBI.  Click here for more information on this event.

March 2009:

  • Pannu Hayes, LaBar, Petty, McCarthy, and Morey’s paper entitled “Alterations in the neural circuitry for emotion and attention associated with posttraumatic symptomatology” has received recent media coverage.  Findings show that presenting emotional stimuli enhances neural activity in the ventral-limbic and dorsal regions and anterior cingulate gyrus in veterans with greater PTSD symptomatology.  In March, the Navy Times discussed these findings in its article “Study may show how PTSD changes the brain.”