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The goal of CTS is to advance scholarship in transportation studies at Boston University by promoting and facilitating multidisciplinary research and by providing programs of education, communication, and service.

The objectives of CTS include the following:

  • To serve as a catalyst for the development of expertise in transportation studies in the Boston University community. The analysis of transportation systems is a multifaceted endeavor that draws upon expertise from the natural and social sciences, engineering, management, public policy and a variety of other fields. CTS will seek to draw together not only those members of the Boston University community who are currently engaged in transportation research, but also those whose expertise and interests could fruitfully be directed to transportation studies. To this end CTS will support public lectures and workshops and provide common research assets including transportation literature, databases, and software.

  • To conduct multidisciplinary research supported by external funds. The role of CTS in this regard will comprise: identifying funding opportunities in topics with appropriate intellectual content; assembling research teams made up of faculty members from the various disciplines; coordinating the preparation of proposals; administering research funds and providing related services to participating researchers; overseeing and ensuring the quality of research; and communicating research outcomes to a broad audience. Research projects may extend across colleges at Boston University or involve cooperative efforts with other institutions.

  • To provide education in transportation studies. CTS will promote the establishment of undergraduate and graduate courses on transportation topics in the various departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and in other colleges including the School of Management and the School of Public Health. To this end CTS will provide and manage transportation databases, coordinate the participation of guest lecturers, and provide advice and technical services including Geographical Information Systems. CTS will also organize and run specialized non-credit courses for transportation professionals on a fee basis.

  • To transfer results and methods of scholarly research to policy makers. This objective will be met most directly through sponsorship of research projects by local, state, and federal governments and by international agencies. CTS will provide workshops and publications to targeted audiences of people involved in the formulation and implementation of transportation policy. Analytical tools and data resources developed by CTS will be shared with the policy community on a cost recovery basis.

  • To disseminate transportation related knowledge to a broad audience. Means of achieving this objective include sponsoring public lectures, newsletters and other publications in print and electronic forms, provision of information and commentary to the media, and outreach programs to schools and civic organizations.