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Juggling a full course load as a journalism student, an internship, and a busy social life hasn’t kept Jacob Wittenberg (COM’21) from pursuing his biggest passion: music. Performing under the name Jake Brewer (his middle name), the Seattle native has recorded and released one album, two EPs, and two singles, with a second album, Landscapes, set for release in August. He’s booked himself on a multicity summer tour to promote the new album, concentrating on metro areas where his fan base is strongest. He’ll wrap up the tour at the Lilypad in Cambridge on September 16.

Before hitting the road, Wittenberg, who describes his music as “what you’d expect to hear if you walked into a coffee shop and there’s live music going,” shared a playlist of songs that he says have most influenced his sound. “I listen to a large variety of music,” he says. “I think people are surprised when I tell them that I get inspiration from Cardi B. Our music sounds nothing alike, but everything she’s doing in her own work, and her own originality is inspiring to me: I realize that I don’t have to adapt myself and my sound to reach some norm that’s popular. Different can be popular now.”

Listen to Wittenberg’s playlist “Songs That Made My Sound” below.

Listen to Jake Brewer on Spotify and Apple Music.

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