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Tips for Navigating Freshman Year

Upperclassmen offer advice on how to get the most out of college


Welcome, Class of 2022. By now, you’ve probably figured out where the GSU is, taken your first ride on an MBTA Green Line trolley, and started to explore the city.

Freshman year is most always a whirlwind of experiences: new people, new places (where—and what on earth—is the BU Beach?), new acronyms for sure (CAS, EPIC, SAC, TGIF—oops, you probably know that one). It’s exciting, confusing, sometimes overwhelming, so with this in mind, we asked Terriers who’ve made it through that first year to share some tips.

They talk about making friends, ways to enrich your academic life, trying out all kinds of different activities (what is Splash?), and the importance of taking care of yourself (it’s OK to ask for help).

So look, listen, and enjoy, and best of luck as you launch your college career.

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Jason Kimball, Video Producer at Boston University Productions
Jason Kimball

Jason Kimball can be reached at jk16@bu.edu

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