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Active Shooter Drill on Medical Campus Today

Exercise limited to School of Medicine library


Boston University’s Emergency Management office will conduct an active shooter emergency preparedness drill today, Wednesday, April 25, beginning at 11:50 am in the School of Medicine Instructional Building Alumni Medical Library, 72 East Concord St., 12th floor. The drill is expected to last approximately 25 minutes.

Exercises like today’s are designed to test the University’s active shooter emergency response plan and ensure readiness in the case of a real incident and are conducted regularly at BU. Today’s exercise comprises representatives from the BU Medical Campus Department of Public Safety, BU Police, Boston Police, and Boston Emergency Medical Services, as well as Medical Campus employees who have volunteered to participate in the drill.

“People ask, ‘Do these exercises work?’” says Steve Morash, director of BU Emergency Response Planning. “The proof is in the response to the Mugar Library hoax in 2016. Within 40 seconds of receiving a call, three BU police officers and a Massachusetts state trooper had formed a team and were in the building. And while it turned out to be a hoax, the response and teamwork were most reassuring.”


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  • brenda romanos on 04.25.2018 at 9:44 am

    i work in mugar library, and although the police might have responded very quickly to the hoax of 2016, the staff were not alerted, or alerted in a very uneven way. a loud speaker announcement went into one room of the technical services dept, the charles river room, telling them to evacuate (no one else could hear this announcement), and the rest of us got no instruction at all. we wondered why people were exiting out of that particular room. someone as they went out said to us ‘aren’t you leaving? we were told to leave the building’ and so we called the administrative offices to find out what was going on. they said they knew nothing. about two minutes after that, they called us back to say to leave immediately. some student workers and staff in the basement offices never left at all, never got word until later when police were searching the building.

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