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My Own Boston: Barbara Zayas

In our video series, students let us in on their favorite things to do off campus


This week, BU Today introduces a new video series titled “My Own Boston.” In each installment, one student tells us a little about him- or herself and shares three favorite places to hang, eat, or decompress off campus.

Our inaugural video features Barbara Zayas (CGS’17, CAS’19), who worked this past summer as a BU Orientation leader and explored the city in her free time. Originally from a small town on the Texas-Mexico border, Zayas quickly fell in love with Boston when she first arrived. “I came here because there are so many things to do and because it is so much different from my hometown,” she says.

Three of Zayas’ favorite things to do:

145 Dartmouth Street, Boston

Nestled in Back Bay Station, this modern juice and smoothie bar offers up delicious blends of vegetables and fruit, attracts a loyal following, and most important to Zayas, has Hispanic roots.

Zayas recommends: “I love the acai bowls. They’re so aesthetically pleasing.”

249 Newbury Street, Boston

This Paris-based artisanal gelato maker is known for its wide selection of gourmet gelatos served in signature flower-shaped scoops and topped with a macaroon. Also available are hot drinks, crepes, waffles, and other mouthwatering confections.

Zayas recommends: The coconut gelato is a personal favorite, but Zayas says any flavor is bound to please as long as there’s a macaroon on top. “Oh, and make sure to Instagram it before taking your first bite,” she says.

Charles River Canoe & Kayak

For many BU students, kayaking on the Charles River is a bucket list staple. Zayas fell in love with it the first time she tried it and has been kayacking on the Charles regularly. She says it’s an opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of college and work life.

Zayas recommends: “I usually don’t row a lot. I just close my eyes and feel the breeze and the water, and just chill.”

“It’s so easy to get stuck in the BU bubble, and the school bubble,” she says. “But there are so many things at your fingertips.”

Jason Kimball can be reached at jk16@bu.edu.


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