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Journey to Space at the Museum of Science

See the future of space exploration at the Mugar Omni IMAX Theater


Nearly five decades after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped on Earth’s moon (238,855 miles from Earth), NASA has now turned its attention to Mars. The Red Planet is considered the next great frontier of space travel and exploration. The race to land an astronaut on Mars’ surface (a journey of some 33.9 million miles) is explored in the stunning 2015 film Journey to Space, now showing in the IMAX dome at the Museum of Science (MOS).

Narrated by award-winning actor Patrick Stewart, Journey to Space chronicles NASA’s past accomplishments, like the 30-year space shuttle program that concluded in 2011, and offers fascinating footage of the International Space Station in action. There’s also a peek at what lies ahead: a new era in deep space exploration that includes efforts to send an expedition to Mars. The film explores some of the groundbreaking technology being developed that could make that possible.

Among those interviewed are Commander Chris Ferguson, leader of the final Space Shuttle mission, who takes viewers on a tour of NASA testing facilities to learn about the latest innovations in space exploration, among them the Orion spacecraft, designed to bring astronauts to Mars. Serena Aunon, an astronaut selected for future expeditions, explains the proposed mission in greater detail, such as Orion’s long-term viability capabilities and its never-before-seen engineering.

The film’s images can be screened only in IMAX format on giant screens like the MOS Mugar Omni Theater’s 180 degree IMAX dome, which looms more than five stories high, offering an unforgettable experience.

Fans of IMAX films may also want to catch Amazon Adventure and Extreme Weather, both also showing regularly in the Omni Theater.

Journey to Space is on view at the Museum of Science Mugar Omni Theater, One Science Park, Boston. Find showtimes here. The film runs 50 minutes. Tickets are required for the film and can be purchased at the museum or online here. An exhibition hall ticket is not required for the Mugar Omni Theater.

Watch a trailer for Journey to Space here.

Connor Lenahan can be reached at lenahan@bu.edu.

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