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Back by Popular Demand: BU Today’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Show off your most inspired creation and you could win a prize


You’ve heard of The Return of the Jedi and The Return of the King? Well, BU Today hereby announces The Return of the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest. You know what we’re talking about: sweaters (or sweatshirts) festooned with tinsel, snowflakes, reindeer with flashing red noses, ornaments, candy canes, and all manner of other seasonal (or not) decorations. Homemade or store-bought (or found in a trash can), we want to see you in it.

Here’s how it works: come to our studio on the second floor of 985 Comm Ave on Monday, December 11, from 1 to 4 pm or on Tuesday, December 12, from 9 to 11 am to have a photo taken of you wearing your entry. You can come alone or with friends. Email Cydney Scott at cydscott@bu.edu to schedule your photo shoot. Be sure to include your phone number, email, and a brief description of your sweater, as well as what time you can come by. The contest is open to all members of the BU community: students, faculty, and staff. If you’re a student, be sure to tell us what BU school you’re enrolled in and your anticipated year of graduation. If you’re a faculty or staff member, include your full title.

When you stop by, we’ll ask you to tell us a bit about your sweater. Then on Friday, December 15, we’ll post a photo gallery of all this year’s participants. Be sure to check back at 1 pm that day when we announce the winners of what our panel of crack judges deems this year’s top-three ugliest sweaters. Prizes will be awarded.


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  • Jin Chen on 12.06.2017 at 1:02 pm

    Ugly is a kind of fashion

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