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The psychedelic-indie rock band Bottle Kids has been making a name for itself for the past three years at aboveground and belowground venues throughout the Boston area, among them Brighton Music Hall, O’Brien’s Pub, and Thunder Road.

The band’s frontwoman, film major Annie Melden (COM’16), joined Bottle Kids in 2013 as lead vocalist. The other members of the band are three Northeastern University students: bassist Josh Peterson, guitarist Sean de Laforcade, and drummer Dov Plotkin. Melden’s bandmates say her light, smooth voice complements their psych rock sound, which has been heavily influenced by acts like Phantogram and Beach House.

During the recent live recording of their songs “Returnal” and “Atlantic” for a BU Today Sessions segment, Melden alternates between soaring wails and mysterious lyrics. For those lyrics, she says:  “I usually take life experiences and some of my favorite words—specifically words that I feel convey meaning on their own.”

BU Today Sessions

In the latest addition to our ongoing series “BU Today Sessions,” which brings our audience live performances by musicians, bands, and songwriters from the BU community, we introduce four bands that are making a name for themselves on the local music scene.

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