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Who Won BU Lunch Madness 2016?

We’re giving away five $30 restaurant gift cards

After a two-week play-off, BU Today readers have crowned the top lunch spot in our first-ever take on March Madness—a Lunch Madness contest.

And the winner is…Sunset Cantina.

Sunset beat out 15 other local, affordable food stops in the bracketed eat-off organized with BU Tweets. We received hundreds of votes every day via Twitter, nearly 10,000 votes in all.

To express our gratitude to everyone who voted, we held another kind of contest. Each person who correctly answered all of the questions below was entered in a random drawing for a $30 gift card to Sunset Cantina, 916 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. More than 100 people played. The winners are: Molly Driscoll (COM’17), Mitchell Horn (ENG’15), Marisa Borchardt (SAR’16), Erica Wilson (ENG’19), and Spencer Cunningham (CAS’17).

The correct answers are bolded below.

  1. When did Taco Bell close on BU’s campus?
    • 1992
    • 2008
    • 2012
  2. Who is Shaquille O’Neal pulling for in the NCAA Women’s Final Four basketball tournament?
    • University of Washington
    • UCLA
    • Syracuse University
  3. How many tacos do Americans eat each year?
    • 3.1 million
    • 4.5 billion
    • 11 billion
  4. What year did the BU men’s basketball team make it to the Elite 8?
    • 1919
    • 1959
    • 1984
  5. What state (besides California, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma) consumes the most Mexican food?
    • Arizona
    • Hawaii
    • Colorado

2 Comments on Who Won BU Lunch Madness 2016?

  • Connor Lenahan on 03.29.2016 at 10:05 am

    I am officially filing a protest to this bracket because it got the winner wrong. The best lunch spot on campus, in Boston, and dare I say even in the entire United States is T. Anthony’s and no one can convince me otherwise.

  • LarryO on 03.30.2016 at 9:24 am

    I’m sure an argument could be made for any of the Sweet 16 being the best lunch, and I’m also sure that many people’s favorites were not even listed, but the winner is a great place with great food.

    Be glad that there are so many more than 16 diverse and wonderful places to eat on, and around, the BU campus!

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