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Improv a Plenty

Liquid Fun presents spur-of-the-moment comedy

Tina Fey has said the most fun she’s ever had was performing with the Second City comedy troupe in Chicago. “It was like a cult,” she said. “People ate, slept, and definitely drank improv.”

That same fervor is shared by the members of Liquid Fun, BU’s only long- and short-form improv group. “We’d never have people sign over their children or anything,” says Liquid Fun president Ross Huston (COM’15). “But the coolest thing in the world is to be able to say you’re a Fun-er….It’s about having fun and getting your best friends together and using your imagination like you never had to stop after childhood.”

Started in 1997 by a group of College of Engineering students, Liquid Fun hosts open practices on Sundays for anyone who wants to join. Improvers graduate to the “ensemble,” which currently has 18 members, and from there they get selected to perform with the troupe at one of its free monthly shows at BU Central. Need a reason to go? Show names have been The Pajama Monologues, Tupac TuFurious, and The Rise and Fall of Kim Jong-Fun. Also look for the group at local colleges’ improv tournaments.

And each April, Liquid Fun holds its annual 24-hour comedy marathon, Running on Empty, which benefits the Greater Boston Food Bank.

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  • Jean on 04.06.2015 at 9:49 am

    So great. Thanks for this cheery and endearing story&video.

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