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Repairs at Myles Standish Hall Won’t Interrupt Foot Traffic

Protective staging to wrap Beacon Street residence hall


Exterior maintenance begins today at Myles Standish Hall. The work will require protective staging just above ground level, but neither the work nor the staging will impede entrances, exits, or passersby.

The lighted staging—essentially poles stationed at ground level that are topped with wood planks and covering—around all but the Raleigh Street side of the building “will serve as a protective measure for pedestrians” while repairs to the exterior are made, says Michael Donovan, BU’s vice president for real estate and facility services. Donovan says the work, which will not be completed before December, involves “the repointing of bricks and mortaring select areas” for the 1926 structure at 610 Beacon Street. He says the repairs were necessitated by the building’s age and the wear and tear that comes with the New England climate.

The installation and exterior work will be done during daylight hours, and will include scheduled quiet hours, to minimize interference with studying. Students will be notified of work areas and schedules and given suggestions to ensure privacy. Donovan points out that because the first round of repairs was completed during spring break, it is anticipated that ongoing work will have a minimal impact.

Students with questions about the project should contact the Office of Residence Life.

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