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Two BUPD Motorcycle Officers Struck by Car on Comm Ave

Collision just a few yards from Matriculation at Agganis Arena


While members of the the Class of 2017 were taking their seats for Matriculation at Agganis Arena Sunday, two Boston University Police Department motorcycle officers were being put in ambulances just a few yards away and rushed to area hospitals. Officers Peter McCarron and Alex Ayochok were treated for minor injuries and released Sunday afternoon after being struck by a car driven by an elderly Allston resident.

The two motorcycle officers were entering Commonwealth Avenue from Agganis Way at about 2 p.m. when they were struck, one after the other, by a sedan that was making a U-turn on Comm Ave. McCarron was taken to Beth Israel  Deaconess Medical Center and Ayochok was taken to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Peter Fiedler (COM’77), vice president for administrative services, says both officers were treated for bruises and contusions and released.

The driver of the vehicle said he had been heading east on Commonwealth Avenue and had made a U-turn at Agganis Way before his car hit the officers’ motorcycles. He said he was 83 years old, lived in Allston, and had never had any motor vehicle violations. A spokesperson for the Boston Police Department, which is investigating the incident, says the driver’s name has not been released because no arrests were made and no charges have been filed.

Christopher Harris, a chauffeur waiting outside Agganis Arena during the Matriculation ceremony, witnessed the accident. Harris says the two motorcycle officers were riding in single file and entered Commonwealth Avenue from Agganis Way.  When the light turned green, he says, the officers turned on their blue lights and began to make a right hand turn. Harris says the vehicle, a black 1994 Toyota Camry, halted just before striking the first officer. “I was thinking, wow, that was close,” he says. “Then he kept on going.”

Art Jahnke

Art Jahnke can be reached at jahnke@bu.edu.

6 Comments on Two BUPD Motorcycle Officers Struck by Car on Comm Ave

  • Kitty on 09.03.2013 at 7:26 am

    I hope this means “no charges have been filed YET.” And the Boston Police did not allow the driver of the car to drive away! This gentleman needs to be evaluated for fitness to operate a motor vehicle if he missed seeing TWO police motorcycles with their emergency lights on.

    My best wishes go to Officers McCarron and Ayochok, two fine, experienced officers.

  • Rach on 09.03.2013 at 12:25 pm

    I was on that corner post-incident; the old man was being questioned out in the street in front of a cluster of ambulances. His wife was sitting in the passenger seat, helplessly staring at the traffic jam he had just caused. He clearly looked a bit confused and distraught. I wonder if he is still capable of driving safely- he had managed to hit not one, but two police bikes! Hope the officers are doing okay now.

  • Alyssa on 09.03.2013 at 3:18 pm

    All of the intersections along Comm Ave. are dangerous (from Kenmore down to Harvard Ave., but especially around St. Paul, Pleasant St. and Babcock)and I’m surprised more accidents don’t happen there. I agree that at 83, perhaps the driver should be evaluated. However, we should not forget he has not had any previous driving infractions, and just because he is 83 does not make him automatically guilty. I have seen multiple near-misses around those intersections, the way the green light on Pleasant/Agganis Way works, cars who are legally turning with green lights almost hit (or are almost hit by) oncoming cars from Agganis Way, Comm Ave, OR are stuck in the T tracks before an oncoming T. We have seen enough tragedy on Comm. ave; the students are back, thankfully the officers seem like they will be okay; unfortunately this will be yet another signal that this roadway MUST be evaluated for safety (and not just for bikers)! However, kudos to the city for the green-marked bike lanes and signage. Major improvement!

  • Gene F. Dalton on 09.03.2013 at 4:46 pm

    I am pleased the officers are ok.

  • parent on 09.03.2013 at 7:01 pm

    The pedestrian signal at St. Paul and Comm does not work.

    The Pedestrian crosswalk at St. Paul and Comm STILL has not been painted even though there was someone killed there 9 months ago.

    The Agannis intersection where the officers were struck is dangerous for pedestrians, cars and cycles.

    Is this a City of Boston or Brookline responsibility?

    Speedy recovery to those officers!

  • Jose on 03.27.2015 at 4:54 pm

    Despite declining faculties, elderly drivers may actually be safer on the road than younger ones. Our elders are much less prone to driver distraction: texting, phoning, eating, even watching TV. They know that cars are primarily for driving, & are unsafe places to conduct other distracting aspects of our lives.

    I have a relative in her 91st year. At the start of the new year she chose not to renew her driver’s license, & gave her car to a grandchild. We need more such self-imposed limitations, & not just for seniors. Mind the road, not your latest electronic fetish!

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