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A look back at 2012–2013


Now that the academic year has ended, we take one last look at some of BU Today’s memorable Close-Ups from 2012–2013. Our slideshow begins with members of the Class of 2016 arriving at BU and concludes with the 140th Commencement on May 19. Many of the images capture moments of joy, others moments of profound loss. And then there are those photos that show the University in every season and every kind of weather. Enjoy!

Kristina Roman can be reached at kayroman@bu.edu.


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  • Sam Lynch on 06.03.2013 at 8:47 am

    Gave me chills and almost tears! Capture here are both wonderful highs and draining lows. For now, I appreciate the pause I take to reflect on the sadness for the sudden, horrific loss of life, and am left smiling with the joy and beauty also depicted. Thank you.

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