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Employee Giving Campaign Raises Its Target

Annual effort aids United Way, BU’s Community Service Center


A year’s parking pass at BU for $75? It could be yours if you give at least that amount (more is always welcome, of course) to BU’s annual employee giving campaign. The prize will be raffled off Friday.

The campaign’s target this year is $170,000 for the United Way and the University’s Community Service Center (CSC), its beneficiaries for the last three years. The target is one-eighth again the $151,000 raised last year. The campaign ends December 12, when a grand prize —two round-trip plane tickets for any domestic flight, plus a $500 Visa gift card—will be raffled off at BU’s annual holiday party. (Other prizes have been given in recent weeks.)

Campaign chairman Peter Fiedler, BU’s vice president for administration, emailed individualized donor links to the University community last month. While encouraging employees to donate to their preferred charity—you can donate to either or both organizations, by lump sum payment or payroll deduction—Fiedler (COM’77) notes that “in the spirit of One BU, supporting the CSC’s efforts is meaningful and greatly appreciated.” All of the donations earmarked for the CSC go entirely to support its service projects, while a portion of a United Way donation is used to cover administrative expenses.

The CSC, founded by BU students in 1986, gives BU community members the opportunity to participate in various service programs in greater Boston and beyond, such as Alternative Spring Breaks and the First-Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP).

“In the past, more people have given to the United Way,” says CSC director Lindsey Patrick Wyld Kotowicz. At the end of last year’s campaign, which had 528 donors, the CSC received $56,000 of the total $151,000 donated, she says, and the campaign has been “enormously helpful” in the past in providing scholarships for students who otherwise could not afford participation in programs like Alternative Spring Breaks. Donations from the employee giving campaign also paid for a van that has facilitated ferrying volunteers to various projects throughout Boston, according to Kotowicz.

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