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Ever Tried an Orgasmatron?

Catch Sleeper as part of Woody Allen retrospective


A long, long time ago—the ’70s—Woody Allen made screwball comedies, not serious films. In his 1973 hit Sleeper, he played a health food store owner who was cryogenically frozen and then thawed like a TV dinner in a 22nd-century America of whiz-bang technology, which included an “orgasmatron.”

If you want to know what that gadget did (and can’t guess), you can catch Sleeper tonight at the South Boston branch of the Boston Public Library. It’s an all-Allen August at the branch, which is screening the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s work Thursday evenings.

Sleeper starts at 6 p.m. at the South Boston branch of the Boston Public Library, 646 East Broadway. Find directions here. Films scheduled for the rest of the series are Love and Death (August 16), Manhattan (August 23), and Stardust Memories (August 30). The screenings are free and open to the public.

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