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YouSpeak: Spring Break

Sun and sea, sleep, or studying?


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It’s just a few days away. Spring vacation. That time of year when you’re either putting away the books for a week to catch up on sleep, hit a beach, or travel around the country to volunteer for Alternative Spring Break or frantically cramming to make up for all the studying you haven’t done this semester.

Either way, we wanted to hear what students will be doing next week. So, this week’s “YouSpeak” asks: “What are your plans for spring break?”

YouSpeak” appears each Monday.

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Devin Hahn can be reached at dhahn@bu.edu. John O’Rourke can be reached at orourkej@bu.edu.


One Comment on YouSpeak: Spring Break

  • Teagan on 03.07.2011 at 2:08 pm

    Spring Break in London and Ireland

    I am ging to visit my roommate who is studying abroad in London. I am also taking a mini vaca in the middle to go visit my rugby teammates that are studying abroad in Ireland for St. Patty’s day. I’m excited to explore two cities I’ve never been to. My sister is coming with me to see London for 5 days and then heading to Dubai to meet a friend. Our birthdays are both at the beginning of the week so we like to travel or do something adventurous each year to celebrate instead of getting eachother boring gifts. I can’t wait to start another adventure!

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