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Terrier Tech: Dean Elmore’s Favorite Apps

From Starbucks to Twitter, they’re all free


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In the video above, “Terrier Tech” host Warren Towers talks with Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore about his favorite mobile apps.

During the summer months, BU Today is revisiting some of our favorite stories from the past year. This week we feature the video series “Terrier Tech.” Cohosts Warren Towers, Courtney Bogard, and special guests give you the lowdown on the apps and gadgetry making a splash in the mobile market.

This week, “Terrier Tech” welcomes guest host Kenn Elmore (SED’87), dean of students and fellow techie, to talk about his five favorite iPhone and iPad applications and about BU’s move to Google’s cloud network.

Starbucks Card Mobile
The Starbucks Card Mobile app allows you to pay for your morning mojo with your iPhone or iPad. The app provides the barista with a barcode to deduct funds from your account and tracks purchases for future rewards. Starbucks Card Mobile is free from the App Store. Activating your account requires a visit online or to your local Starbucks.

Hailed by Macworld as the 2010 Twitter Client of the Year, Twitterrific has a clean, well-designed interface that lets you filter tweets, follow trends, and tweet with ease. Did we mention it’s free?

Dragon Dictation
Walk and text with ease with Dragon Dictation, an app that turns speech into text. Simply activate the application, start talking, and watch as the program transcribes—accurately. The correction suggestion function works well, and you can copy and paste the text into emails, notes, and other apps, or store them for later use.

Customize and centralize your news with Zite, a virtual magazine app for the iPad that does all the work of sifting through the internet to compile stories relevant to your interests. Start by choosing news categories, from sports to celebrity gossip, and Zite will track and personalize your news experience.

BU Mobile
BU’s premiere mobile application, the BU Mobile app is great for all your University needs. Find class schedules, events, BU Today stories, and the Boston University Shuttle (BUS) schedule with a push of a button. You can even track the BUS in real time, so you’ll know how fast you have to run to catch it.

There’s more. Starting with the Class of 2015, incoming students will have their BU emails provided through BU Google apps, and everyone enrolled will have access to Google documents, calendars, and Google mail. Current students can make the switch at the Information Services & Technology website.

“I for one welcome our Google overlords,” says “Terrier Tech” host Warren Towers. “Now go download those apps!”

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Alan Wong can be reached at alanwong@bu.edu. Joseph Chan can be reached at joechan@bu.edu.

This article was originally published on May 10, 2011.


6 Comments on Terrier Tech: Dean Elmore’s Favorite Apps

  • Anonymous on 05.10.2011 at 11:02 am

    Love it!

    Great job guys! Is there anything Dean Elmore can’t do?

  • Anonymous on 05.10.2011 at 12:23 pm

    Dean Elmore & Terrier Tech

    I LOVE this! It’s fun to watch and I learned a little too. Are all of the aps that Dean Elmore spoke about available on droids too…or just on i-phones?

  • Anonymous on 05.10.2011 at 1:38 pm

    It would be nice if the bus schedule part of the BU app had night/weekend schedules though…

  • Anonymous on 05.10.2011 at 7:22 pm

    BU Bus App

    The bus app was designed and developed by BU Junior David Killmon when he was a freshmen. BU threatened to sue him if he did not take the app down…then they wanted him to show them how he did it…… seriously…how does this reflect on the school Dean Elmore??

  • Will Funk on 07.07.2011 at 9:29 am

    Make this app for Android users!

    Android has a bigger market share than iPhone… Not sure if the BU community reflects that statistic but show us Android users some love!

  • joechan on 07.07.2011 at 2:13 pm

    Android 'void of love?

    Hey there ‘droid users!

    The bad news is that there won’t be a ‘droid/blackberry/win7/whatever-you-use specific app in the near future, but fear not, our techies are working hard in their little labs to bring you a mobile site that’ll offer all the goods of the app to most any platform you use.

    Keep your eyes peeled this fall for ‘droid news *cough cough hint hint know what I mean*

    -Warren T.

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