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So Many Clubs, So Little Time

Annual fall Student Activities Expo today at the GSU


The next time someone tells you there’s nothing to do around here, remember these numbers: 500 student groups on campus, 2,000 events last year. Or you could take them on an alphabetical tour of some of the clubs on the Charles River Campus: A is for the Alpine Ski Club, B is for the Bowling Association, C is for the Concert Band, and on and on. But the best way to learn that the real problem is too much to do, and too little time, is to visit this afternoon’s annual fall Student Activities Expo at the George Sherman Union. The Expo, hosted by the Student Activities Office, is being held in the Metcalf Ballroom and the GSU Plaza from 4 to 6 p.m. It’s open to all registered student groups, from cigar smokers to peace and justice groups. Last year’s Expo included an eclectic mix ranging from Women’s Rugby to the Culinary Arts and Kitchen Entertainment Club to the Knitting Club.

Student organizations will showcase their particular appeal, with dancing, singing, improv, and more. At last year’s Expo, for example, the undergrad chemistry group Chemia smashed fruit that had been frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Prizes of $100 will be awarded for several categories of excellence: most eco-friendly (the group that utilizes technology instead of paper), most interactive display (the group that engages students through activities), best outfits/costumes (the group that “wears their mottos on their sleeves”), best giveaways (the group that has the most innovative way to advertise), and most enthusiastic (the most energetic—while being respectful—group). Finally, a $500 grand prize will be given to the “Best in Show” (the group that best embodies all these categories). All of the prize money goes to the winning student group’s account.

If this year’s Splash and the GSU Takeover and Midnight Putt Putt and Pancakes are any indication of the enthusiasm of the Class of 2015, expect thousands of students to participate in BU’s wide variety of on-campus organizations.

Davide Nardi can be reached at dnardi@bu.edu.


3 Comments on So Many Clubs, So Little Time

  • Michael Francis on 09.13.2011 at 7:09 am

    The class of 2105, huh?

  • Eric Hsiao on 09.20.2011 at 12:35 pm

    I feel like with so many events, there isn’t a good way to organize all that’s going on around BU. You get emails from clubs that you just signed up for at Splash but then when you unsubscribe for them there is no good organized way to find out what’s going on around campus.

    I firmly believe in centralizing information in communities and that was the incentive for creating urbanamp.com, a site to allow all BU students to share events that they hear about and find what is going on not only on campus, but also around Boston. We try to find events that fit your interests!

    There’s a lot of events that happen around BU every year but the problem is that after the initial post-splash hype, therein lies a true disconnect of information and the only way people hear of anything is by the GSU link or by word of mouth. Hopefully, we can all encourage a community to share what’s going on as the year progresses.

    • David Keefe on 09.20.2011 at 12:40 pm

      Hey Eric – the most centralized source of info is the main BU calendar: http://www.bu.edu/calendar/

      It is up to the various clubs, schools, and organizations to post their events here, but as someone who adds events to the calendar and spends a lot of time browsing it, I think that the majority do post their events there.

      I’d say it’s your best bet!

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