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Points of Departure: Friends Once, Friends Always

Rachel Richmond and Rachel Johnson


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From high school to BU, the Rachels, Johnson and Richmond, recount their path to becoming best friends. Photo by Vernon Doucette

High school classmates from Boulder, Colo., Rachel Johnson (CAS’10) and Rachel Richmond (COM’10) were already friends when they came to Boston University. The two lived apart as underclassmen and reconnected as upperclassmen. The Rachels are now best friends and roommates, who share an inseparable bond — and a very nice apartment in StuVi2.

After May, Johnson and Richmond will be living apart once again.

“I haven’t even thought about graduating yet. To think about it would probably make me cry,” says Richmond. “Not being close to my best friend is going to be so sad.”

“We haven’t talked about this at all,” Johnson says. “We’ve kind of avoided it. New topic!”

Additional editing by Anna Horowitz-Gelb

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  • Abram on 05.10.2010 at 2:25 pm

    not sure how much credit BU can claim but...

    these vignettes are delightful. thank you.

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