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2,300+ students arrive for first day


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In the slideshow above, get a peek at BU’s busiest—and perhaps soggiest—move-in day. Photos by Vernon Doucette.

You couldn’t have picked a worse day to move. Winds whipped umbrellas inside out and almost three inches of rain fell on more than 2,300 students who arrived Wednesday toting suitcases, shopping bags, and all manner of electronic gear up and down Commonwealth Avenue and environs.

The day proved to be BU’s busiest move-in day of the fall semester, according to Marc Robillard, director of housing. Nearly 1,000 of the arriving students were freshmen. Others included students returning early to prepare for club activities or to work on campus.

The University had 53 police officers on duty, some hired from the Boston Police Department and some from the BUPD, to keep traffic moving throughout the day at dorms across campus, Robillard says. Professional movers stationed at 10 Buick Street, aka StuVi1, also helped students unload packed cars and vans to prevent long lines.

More than half of the 4,380 freshmen are expected to move in over the weekend under what are predicted to be sunnier skies (and warmer temperatures).

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  • David P. on 08.28.2010 at 8:05 pm


    Congratulations and thanks to BU and police officers for making this an efficient and successful event.

    To all the new students: Welcome! We are glad that you are here.

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