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It’s Now Easier to Go to E-church

Marsh Chapel Sunday service reaches wider audience


Rev. Robert Hill, dean of Marsh Chapel. Photo by Fred Sway

Marsh Chapel’s Sunday interdenominational Protestant service is getting an e-billboard of sorts, to accommodate those who listen to morning worship online. The link will be put up every Sunday morning and removed after the service.

The 11 a.m. service is broadcast live on WBUR, BU’s National Public Radio station, and on the chapel’s Web site, with archived audio of the entire service or just the sermon available afterward. Beginning last Sunday, a more prominent link to the live service was featured on BU’s home page, says the Rev. Robert Hill, dean of Marsh Chapel.

About 30,000 listeners tune in to WBUR’s broadcast. Hill isn’t sure how many listen online, but he knows they’re out there. Last month, a visiting couple attending the service told him that they always catch the audio back home. They live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Now, that couple and other Internet listeners have an up-front entry point to Marsh’s 50-year-old worship service. “You get all except the video,” says Hill, “and we’re working on that. I expect we’ll be able to do it this calendar year.” That’s not a certainty, he adds, but a hope. Which is, after all, Marsh Chapel’s business.

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2 Comments on It’s Now Easier to Go to E-church

  • James D. Bendy on 02.12.2010 at 3:25 pm

    This is great, I was able to attend services from Northern Indiana last Sunday.

  • Anonymous on 02.17.2010 at 11:34 am

    In the category of “little things I should have said and done”– after walking past Marsh Chapel for more than 30 years, I finally stopped and entered one Sunday this December– it happened to be the holiday service. The choir, the preaching and the whole vibe of the place was just overwhelmingly beautiful. Ocassionally I tune in for the radio broadcast on Sunday–(usually by accident). That too is never disappointing. The accoustics make the church service sound so personal. So…I look forward to more per chance encounters with the sublime –now on a new medium.

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