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Points of Departure: Ryan Timpe and Nathan Bliss

Moving together since they were four years old


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Listen above to a conversation between best friends, who will graduate together this weekend.

Ryan Timpe and Nathan Bliss are lifelong friends, literally. Both are 22 as they approach Commencement weekend — they’ve been best friends for 18 years, moving from preschool to high school to BU together.

“We met because we were both kind of the weird kids,” says Bliss (COM’09), “and I still feel like we’re the weird kids.”

Timpe and Bliss arrived in Boston four years ago from Montville, Conn., and continued being neighbors freshman year in Warren Towers. This year they decided to try out being roommates. “I’ve actually lived with or within 30 yards of Nate for longer than I’ve known my own sister,” Timpe (CAS’09) says.

Depending on what fate (and the job market) brings, these best friends soon may not be on the same block, or even in the same city. But their memories will keep them united, their shared undergraduate experiences adding to a lifetime collection.

“We’ll always be close and talk on the phone at least every other day,” says Timpe. “Maybe every day.”

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Additional editing by Anna Horowitz.

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  • Anonymous on 05.13.2009 at 7:59 pm

    This story is so adorable. I love it!

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