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NCAA Certification Process Begins

Athletics is undergoing a yearlong self-study


The new certification program will ensure that student-athletes excel at BU. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky

As part of the certification program mandated by the NCAA, the University has begun a yearlong campus-wide study of its athletics department.

The study, required by the NCAA every 10 years, helps to ensure the integrity of the athletic department and to open it to the University community and the public.

The study will focus on four key areas: academic integrity, governance and commitment to rules of compliance, commitment to gender and diversity, and student-athlete well-being.

Linda Wells, dean of the College of General Studies, heads the steering committee, made up of campus administrators who will also oversee four subcommittees.

“The steering committee and the four subcommittees will focus on gender equity and our  financial position and will make sure student-athletes are growing both in athletics and academics,” says Mike Lynch, assistant vice president and director of athletics.

Seven BU undergraduate schools and colleges will be represented in the subcommittees, along with representatives from administration, athletics, and student life.

“BU has just begun the process,” Lynch says. “The subcommittees have been put together, and they are in the process of gathering all the data they need to evaluate the athletics department. They will then give us recommendations based on NCAA rules and regulations.”

The study, which ends in spring 2010, will be followed by a visit the next fall from NCAA peer representatives, who will review the work of the steering committee and recommend what needs to be done. The final stage of the program, in spring 2011, will be the certification given by the NCAA.

“I think we are going to do just fine,” says Lynch. “Once we know what we need to work on, we can fix it, and our student-athletes can get the most out of their experience.”

Nicole Rojas can be reached at nrojas@bu.edu.

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