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Leventhals Pledge $10 Million

Philanthropy intended to encourage additional contributions


Sherry M. and Alan M. Leventhal hope to foster student financial aid and professorships with their pledge.

Alan M. and Sherry M. Leventhal have pledged $10 million to Boston University, a contribution intended to motivate substantial parallel gifts for student financial aid and professorships.

“Alan’s and Sherry’s very generous pledge will serve as a compelling stimulator for other individuals to contribute to the University and reflects their unwavering support for education and research excellence,” says President Robert A. Brown, in announcing the gift. “Their timely gift, at a critical phase in the University’s history, will bolster our promise to raise the necessary funds to ensure access for qualified students and to enhance our world-class faculty.”

Alan Leventhal (Hon.’09), a member of BU’s Board of Trustees since 1995 and chair from 2003 to 2008, is the founder, chair, and CEO of Beacon Capital Partners, L.L.C., a Boston-based real estate investment firm. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at the University’s 2009 Commencement. Sherry Leventhal serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the BU School of Medicine.

“The magnanimous donation by Alan and Sherry not only reflects their long-term support of BU, but also their strategic effort to leverage their contribution on behalf of the institution,” says Robert A. Knox (CAS’74, GSM’75), chair of the Board of Trustees. “We are very confident that it will inspire others to support the University during an economically challenging time and will ensure that our commitment to excellence is achieved.”

In 2004, the Leventhals donated $5 million to the University to serve as seed money for the $15 million Fund for Leadership and Innovation, available for allocation to any BU school, college, program, or center to support faculty hires as well as scholarships, research, or capital improvements.

“The Leventhals’ pledge signals the genesis of a new and promising fundraising era for Boston University,” says Kenneth J. Feld (SMG’70), a trustee and chair of the Board of Trustees Development & Alumni Committee. “Their leadership gift will surely galvanize financial support among alumni and friends of the University.”

From 2003 to 2008, as chair of the Board, Leventhal guided the University toward greater openness and transparency, administering the development of a 10-year, $1.8 billion strategic plan. He oversaw changes in the board’s governance structure, a reduction in the number of trustee committees, the creation of a Board of Overseers, and the search that brought Brown to BU as its 10th president.

“Alan’s vision, integrity, and sense of inclusiveness have been keys to the transformation in the governance of our institution,” says Brown.

Brown will collaborate with the Leventhals to determine how their contribution will be allocated.


4 Comments on Leventhals Pledge $10 Million

  • PPB on 09.10.2009 at 6:36 am

    Thank you for your generous gift, Dr. and Mrs. Leventhal. It is my hope that your gift will have its intended purpose, to motivate others to give as you have.

    It is inspiring, in an era of uncertain economic times, to see such leadership invested in a school that has demonstrated so much potential.
    With proper administration, your gift will bring continued excellence and academic achievement to our University.

    With grateful acclaim,

    An Employee of Sargent College

  • Anonymous on 09.10.2009 at 8:28 am

    How about re-instituting the print quotas? With 10 million more in the bank, BU should be looking out for its students, not trying to find another way to make it look like its looking out for its students. Yes, the student village is nice; but isn’t one of the main purposes of BU education? So maybe instead of plasma screen tv’s, how about making it easier for students (especially those who cannot afford the ridiculous 12 cents a page) to complete their academic courseload.

  • Anonymous on 09.10.2009 at 11:23 am

    very nice ...

    Thank you for the generous gift to the university. May G-d bless you with the opportunity to keep supporting worthy institutions!

  • Anonymous on 09.11.2009 at 3:42 pm

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your generous gift! We really appreciate it.

    To students still upset about the print quota, please realize that BU free printing was really unusual for a college. Most places charge students for printing, and 12cents per page is pretty standard. Do some research and see that there is really nothing to complain about!

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