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Gil Adler
CGS ’04, SMG ’06
Responds to Daily Free Press
at the Crossroads

Michelle Johnson
COM Visiting Assoc. Prof.
Responds to Nationwide,
a Reckoning
Phoebe Sexton
Responds to the Daily
Free Press Series

Mark Krone
CFA Grad. Admissions Manager
Responds to Revisiting
John Silber, the Old Nemesis
Christine Cassis, COM’10
Exec. Ed., Daily Free Press
Responds to Financial Roller Coaster

Elisa Gill
Responds to the Daily
Free Press Series

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Select from the topics above to hear members of the BU community comment on BU Todays series about the Daily Free Press.

Our focus on the Daily Free Press this week was intended to draw attention to — and initiate conversation about — the Freep, the future of print journalism both on and off campus, the role of an independent student press across four decades. And sure enough, it did just that.

Responses have come in from around the country, and their variety is impressive. Few entries took similar lines of thought or zeroed in on the same specifics. We heard from students, staff members, professors, alums, and Freep staffers past and present, as well as journalistic veterans who started their journeys here.

Rather than restrict feedback to anonymous comments filed under each story, we offered readers and viewers the opportunity to go on record with their thoughts. The result is the comment gallery above.

There’s always room for more feedback. If you’d like to add your voice and opinion, drop us an e-mail at today@bu.edu. If you prefer to participate anonymously, the comment sections under each article remain available.

Edward A. Brown can be reached at ebrown@bu.edu.

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One Comment on Freep Feedback

  • Dan Atkinson on 09.19.2009 at 3:14 pm

    Now what?

    It’s been interesting to read about the Freep from an outside perspective, nice work BU Today. For alums who had their interest piqued and are interested in helping out the Freep, or just check in on what their old colleagues are up to, the Daily Free Press Alumni Association is hosting a tour of the new office followed by drinks at Cornwall’s during COM Alumni Weekend, on Oct. 24. This is kicking off our celebration of 40 years of the Daily Free Press. Check out our Facebook page or dfpalumni.org for more info — hope to see you there!

    Dan Atkinson
    President, The Daily Free Press Alumni Association

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