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Mixing images and history across Boston


Boston PhotoWalks offers guided tours and photography tips.

Boston is a fine combination of walkable and photogenic. Travel-agent-turned-professional-photographer Saba Alhadi used this convergence to her advantage when she established Boston PhotoWalks, a series of guided strolls through five Boston neighborhoods, integrating historical trivia with photography tips.

Freedom Trail and North End Tour
Relive the Revolutionary War by tracing the footsteps of New England’s most famous patriots. Visit the final resting places of John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams, find out what really happened at the Boston Massacre, and explore the Old North Church.

Meeting time is every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Shaw Memorial, the bronze sculpture directly across the street from the State House, on the corner of Beacon and Park Streets. To get there, take the Green Line to Park Street.

Beacon Hill Tour
Discover the grandeur of Old Boston in a neighborhood rich in 19th-century architecture. Beacon Hill’s picturesque streets, brick sidewalks, antique gas lamps, unique doors, and Victorian homes inspire novices and old Brahmins alike.

Meeting time is every Tuesday and Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Shaw Memorial (see above).

Boston Harbor Tour
For generations, Boston Harbor was the busiest port in America. Thousands of immigrants arrived at its docks, and it is the site of the famous Boston Tea Party. See the building where John Hancock stashed his money, discover which Boston landmark was the city’s first skyscraper, and admire ships along the historic docks.

Meeting time is every Wednesday at 10 a.m. outside the entrance to the Old State House Gift Shop, on the corner of State and Washington Streets. To get there, take the Green Line to Government Center.

Back Bay
Victorian ambiance meets cosmopolitan flair in Boston’s Back Bay. Discover the charm of French-inspired brownstones along Comm Ave, capture the architectural wonders of Trinity Church, and explore the Boston Public Library’s Roman-inspired courtyard.

Meeting time is every Thursday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m. outside the Boston Public Library, facing Dartmouth Street and Copley Square. To get there, take the Green Line to Copley Square.

Boston Public Garden
Colorful flowerbeds, weeping willow trees, and the legendary Swan Boats make America’s first botanical garden an ideal place to photograph.

Meeting time is every Thursday and Friday at 10 a.m. in front of the statue of George Washington at the entrance to the Public Garden facing Arlington Street. To get there, take the Green Line to Arlington.

PhotoWalks welcomes people of all ages and skill levels. Participants must supply their own camera. Cost is $25 per adult and $12 for children ages 10 to 17. Tours last approximately 1½ hours. The exception is the Freedom Trail and North End tour, which costs $30 and lasts two hours. Reservations are required, and tickets may be purchased online or by calling 1-800-979-3370. For more information, call 617-851-2273 or e-mail Saba Alhadi at saba@photowalks.com.

Vicky Waltz can be reached at vwaltz@bu.edu.


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  • Gavelect on 07.23.2009 at 5:43 am


    I stay in the UK at the moment but I have always wanted to travel to Boston. I have been watching many travel programs – they take you on a short tour of historical places in the area and it just fuels my desire to visit one day. Freedom Trail and North End Tour sound great. I have probably seen all the sites on TV but it would be great to see them for real. I liked reading your article, very intersteing.

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