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BU Books 2009

Ahneman, Whitney (SAR’09) coeditor; Rubenstein, C. author: Perseverance (Forge Books)

Attaway, Stormy (ENG’83, ’88) (ENG assistant professor of mechanical engineering): MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (Elsevier)

Bacevich, Andrew (CAS professor of history and international relations): The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism (Metropolitan)

Barlow, David H. (CAS professor of psychology and psychiatry, coauthor with Hersen, M. and Nock, M.: Single case experimental designs: Strategies for studying behavior change (Pearson Education); coauthor with Durand, Mark V.: Abnormal psychology: An integrative approach, 5th edition (Wadsworth Cengage Learning)

Becker, Cynthia (associate professor of African art), coauthor with Loughran, K: Desert Jewels: North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier Guerrand-Hermès Collection (Museum for African Art)

Bestavros, Azer (CAS professor of computer science), coeditor: Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications (Springer)

Bodie, Zvi (SMG Barron professor of management), coauthor: Financial Economics 2e (McGraw-Hill)

Borinsky, Alicia (CAS professor of romance studies): Frivolous Women and Other Sinners (Chicago: Swan Isle Press)

Brown, Sara (SAR clinical associate professor in athletic training), coauthor with Starkey, C. and Ryan, J: Examination of Orthopedic and Athletic Injuries, Edition 3 (F.A. Davis Company)

Candal, Cara (SED research assistant professor), editor: Partnering for Progress: Boston University, The Chelsea Public Schools, and Urban Education Reform (Information Age Publishing)

Carey, Robert J. (BUSM’54) (MED clinical instructor): Patients Teach a Doctor about Life and Death (Xlibris)

Catmill, Matt (CAS professor of anthropology), coauthor with Smith, F. H.: The Human Lineage (Wiley-Blackwell)

Cazenave, Odile (CAS professor of French), coeditor with Boni, T : L’engagement au féminin (Cultures Sud)

Christiansen, Cindy L. (SPH associate professor of health policy and management), coauthor with Hendricks, A. : A Narrative Compass: Stories That Guide Women’s Lives (University of Illinois Press)

Cleveland, Cutler (CAS professor of geography and environment), coauthor with Morris, C.: Dictionary of Energy (Expanded Edition) (Elsevier); editor:Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy (Elsevier)

Cooper, Geoffrey M. (CAS professor of biology), coauthor with Hausman, R.: The Cell: A Molecular Approach (Sinauer Associates)

Dahiya, Monika (SDM advanced standing DMD student): Prevalence of Oral Manifestations of HIV Infection: A Global Picture (VDM Publishing House Ltd.)

Dibart, Serge (SDM professor and program director of periodontology and oral biology) and Dietrich, Thomas (SDM professor): Practical Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Wiley-Blackwell)

Eckel, Malcolm D. (CAS associate professor of religion): Bhaviveka and His Buddhist Opponents (Harvard University Press)

Eckstein, Susan (CAS professor of international relations and sociology), translator: The Immigrant Divide: How Cuban-Americans Changed the U.S. and their Homeland (Routledge)

Felson, David T. (SPH’84) (MED professor of medicine and epidemiology), coeditor with Schaible, Hans G.: Pain in Osteoarthritis (Wiley-Blackwell)

Ferleger, Louis (CAS professor of history), coeditor with Burnham, W.D. and Ferguson, T.: Voting in American Elections: The Shaping of the American Political Universe Since 1788 (Academica Press LLC)

Ferraiuolo, Augusto (Alum’06) (CAS lecturer of anthropology): Religious Festive Practices in Boston’s North End. Ephemeral Identities in an Italian American Community (SUNY Press)

Fraser, Bruce (SED professor of linguistics and education), coeditor with Turner, K: Language in Life, and a Life in Language: Jacob Mey — A Festschrift (Emerald)

Gillman, Abigail (CAS associate professor of German and Hebrew): Viennese Jewish Modernism: Freud, Hofmannsthal, Beer-Hofmann and Schnitzler (Penn State Press)

Hill, Robert A. (STH dean of Marsh Chapel): Renewal: Thought, Word, and Deed (Rowan and Littlefield)

Huang, Weijia (CAS lecturer in Chinese), coauthor with Ao, Q :Chinese Philology: Knowledge and Issues (The Commercial Press)

Jaramillo, Deborah L. (COM assistant professor of film & television): Ugly War Pretty Package: How CNN and Fox News Made the Invasion of Iraq High Concept (Indiana University Press)

Kalberg, Stephen (CAS associate professor of sociology): Max Weber: Principales dimensiones de su obra (Prometeo)

Kleiner, Fred S. (CAS professor and chair of art history): Art through the Ages: A Global History, 13th ed. (Wadsworth)

Kolaczyk, Eric D. (CAS director of the program in statistics): Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models (Springer)

LaFarge, Albert (GRS PhD candidate), coeditor with Coles, R.: Minding The Store: Great Writing About Business, from Tolstoy to Now (The New Press)

Lee, Maurice S. (CAS associate professor of English), editor: The Cambridge Companion to Frederick Douglass (Cambridge Univ. Press)

Lopez, Russ (SPH assistant professor),coeditor: Urban Health: Readings in the Social, Built, and Physical Environments of U.S. Cities (Jones and Bartlett)

Lowenstein, Nancy (SAR ’87) (SAR clinical associate professor):Fighting Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis (Demos Health)

Macario, Joyce W. (CFA, MFA’96) (COM assistant professor of communication): Graphic Design Essentials: Skills, Software and Creative Strategies (Pearson Prentice Hall)

Malley-Morrison, Kathleen (SED’70) (CAS professor of psychology), editor: State Violence and the Right to Peace: An International Survey of the Views of Ordinary People (Praeger/Greenwood)

Maslanka, John (MET lecturer of computer science): Introduction to Programming in C++ (Kendall-Hunt)

Matthews, John T. (CAS professor of English), editor: Companion to the Modern American Novel, 1900–1950 (Wiley-Blackwell); William Faulkner: Seeing Through the South (Wiley-Blackwell)

Maxwell, Nancy Irwin (SPH’96, GRS’89) (SPH associate professor of environmental health): Understanding Environmental Health: How We Live in the World (Jones and Bartlett Publishers)

McCann, James C. (CAS professor of history): Stirring the Pot: A History of African Cuisine (Ohio University Press)

McClain, Linda C. (LAW professor of law), coeditor with Grossman, J. L.: Gender Equality: Dimensions of Women’s Equal Citizenship (Cambridge University Press)

McKnight, Natalie (CGS chair of humanities), coeditor with Boots, C., Coffman, C., and Fahy, C.: Framing Films (Kendall-Hunt)

Mehlman, Jeffrey (CAS professor of romance studies, translator: Collaboration and Resistance: French Literary Life Under the Nazi Occupation (Five Ties)

Mizruchi, Susan (CAS professor of English): The Rise of Multicultural America: Economy and Print Culture, 1865–1915 (University of North Carolina Press)

Neville, Robert Cummings (CAS professor of philosophy, religion and theology): Realism in Religion (SUNY Press)

Petrovich, Dushko (CFA, MFA’06) (CFA lecturer), coeditor with Fry, N., Krishnamurthy, P., Slaven, J., and White, R.: I like your work: art and etiquette (Paper Monument)

Pinsky, Robert (CAS professor of English and creative writing), translator; Mazur, M., author: I’ll Tell What I Saw: Images from Dante’s Divine Comedy by Michael Mazur, with Passages Translated by Robert Pinsky (Sarabande Books, Inc);Thousands of Broadways: Dreams and Nightmares of the American Small Town (The University of Chicago Press); editor: Essential Pleasures (W.W. Norton & Co.)

Plotkin, Robert (LAW’96) (LAW lecturer): The Genie in the Machine: How Computer-Automated Inventing Is Revolutionizing Law and Business (Stanford University Press)

Porter, Brian E. (MET’09) (MET facilitator of project management): International Project Management for Technical Professionals (ASME Press)

Rand, Peter (COM senior lecturer), coeditor: The Ballets Russes and the Art of Design (Monacelli Press)

Robert, Dana L. (STH Truman Collins Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission): Christian Mission: How Christianity Became a World Religion (Wiley-Blackwell)

Root, Colin (COM MFA’04) (GRS instructor of film studies and writing program): The Films of Paul Thomas Anderson (Lambert Academic Publishing)

Saitz, Richard (CAS’87, MED’87) (MED professor of medicine and epidemiology), coeditor with Fiellin, D., Miller, S., and Ries, R.: Principles of Addiction Medicine, 4th edition (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; Wolters Kluwer)

Salge-Blake, Joan (SAR ’84) (SAR clinical associate professor, coauthor with Munoz, K. and Volpe, S.: Nutrition: From Science to You (Pearson Benjamin Cummings)

Salvatore, Geno (CAS’08), coauthor with Salvatore, R.A. : The Shadowmask, The Stowaway (Wizards of the Coast)

Schmidt, James (CAS professor of philosophy), coeditor with Rorty, A.O. : Kant’s “Idea for a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Aim”: A Critical Guide (Cambridge University Press)

Schulman, Bruce (CAS professor of history), coeditor: The Constitution and Public Policy (Pennsylvania State University Press)

Selin, Henrik (CAS assistant professor of international relations, coeditor with VanDeveer, S.D.: Changing Climates in North American Politics: Institutions, Policymaking and Multilevel Governance (MIT Press); coeditor with Schreurs, M.A. and VanDeveer, S.D.:Transatlantic Environment and Energy Politics: Comparative and International Perspectives (Ashgate)

Silbaugh, Katharine B. (LAW professor of law), coauthor with Baker, K.: Essentials of Family Law (Aspen)

Silber, Nina (CAS professor of history): Gender and the Sectional Conflict (University of North Carolina Press)

Swanson, Judith A. (GRS’06), coauthor with Corbin, D.: Aristotle’s Politics: A Reader’s Guide (Continuum Books)

Tandon, Jason (CAS lecturer of writing program): Wee Hour Martyrdom, first edition, second impression (Sunnyoutside Press);Give Over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt (Black Lawrence Press)

Tauber, Alfred I. (CAS professor of philosophy): Science and the Quest for Meaning (Baylor Univ. Press)

Thomas, Cathi (SON’87) (MED program director of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders center neurology), coauthor: Parkinson’s Disease: A Guide to Patient Care (Springer Publishing Company)

Tiffany, Dorothy (MET’07) (MET facilitator), coauthor: Project Management Circa 2025 (Project Management Institute)

Tauber, Alfred I. (CAS professor of philosophy): Science and the Quest for Meaning (Baylor Univ. Press)

White, Jenny (CAS associate professor of anthropology): The Abyssinian Proof (W.W. Norton)

Wolf, Lorraine E. (MED director of disability services), coauthor: Students with Asperger Syndrome A Guide for College Personnel (Autism Asperger Publishing Company)

Zuckoff, Mitchell (COM professor of journalism): Robert Altman: The Oral Biography (Knopf)