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BU Books 2007

Ali, Kecia (CAS assistant professor of religion) and Leaman, Oliver: Islam: The Key Concepts (Routledge)

Anderson, William P. (CAS professor of geography and environment); Johansson, Borje; Karlsson, Charlie; and Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, eds.: The Management and Measurement of Infrastructure (Edward Elgar Publishing)

Bacevich, Andrew J. (CAS professor of history and international relations), ed.: The Long War: A New History of U.S. National Security Policy Since World War II (Columbia University Press)

Bard, Kathryn (CAS associate professor of archaeology): An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt (Blackwell Publishing); and Fattovich, Rodolfo: Harbor of the Pharaohs to the Land of Punt. Archaeological Investigations at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, Egypt 2001–2005 (Università degli Studi di Napoli “l’Orientale”)

Berger, Thomas (CAS associate professor of international relations), with Mochizuki, Mike M., and Tsuchiyama, Jitsuo, eds.: Japan in International Politics (Lynne Rienner Publishers)

Bethune, James (ENG’64, SMG’74, SED’90) (ENG associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering) Engineering Design and Graphics with AutoDesk Inventor 2008 (Pearson Prentice Hall)

Brinkmann, Klaus (CAS associate professor of philosophy), ed.:Critical Concepts in Philosophy: German Idealism (Routledge)

Brown, Timothy A. (CAS professor of psychology) and Barlow, David H. (CAS professor of psychology): Casebook in Abnormal Psychology, 3rd Edition (Wadsworth Cengage)

Campbell, Sarah B. (CAS Writing Program lecturer): Authority Robbers and Wasted Words (Goodway Group)

Delgado, Melvin (SSW professor and chairman of macro sequence) and Staples, Lee (SSW clinical professor): Youth-Led Community Organizing: Theory and Action (Oxford University Press)

DiCocco, John (COM’81) (SMG publications manager) with Williams, Mark T. (GSM’93) (SMG executive-in-residence), eds.: New England Golf Guide 2008 (Ball Marker Press)

Elasmar, Michael G. (COM associate professor of communications): Through Their Eyes: Factors Affecting Muslims’ Support for the U.S.-Led War on Terror (Marquette Books)

Fleming, James E. (LAW professor of law and the Honorable Frank R. Kenison Distinguished Scholar in Law) and Barber, Sotirios A.: Constitutional Interpretation: The Basic Questions (Oxford University Press)

Frankel, Tamar (LAW professor of law and Michaels Faculty Research Scholar) and Fagan, Mark: Trust and Honesty in the Real World (Fathom Publishing Company)

Friedrich, Rainer (CAS visiting professor of classical studies): Formular Economy in Homer: The Poetics of the Breaches (Franz Steiner Verlag)

Freitas, Donna (CAS visiting assistant professor of religion) and King, Jason: Killing the Imposter God: Philip Pullman’s Spiritual Imagination in His Dark Materials (Jossey-Bass/Wiley)

Goldstein, Beth (GSM’91) (SMG research associate in strategy and policy): The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Toolkit (McGraw-Hill)

Griswold, Charles L. (CAS professor of philosophy): Forgiveness: a Philosophical Exploration (Cambridge University Press)

Henderson, Jeffrey (CAS professor of classical studies and William Goodwin Aurelio Professor of Greek Language and Literature): Aristophanes, Volume V: Fragments (Harvard University Press)

Heywood, Linda (CAS professor of African-American studies) and Thornton, John (CAS professor of African-American studies): Central Africans, Atlantic Creoles and the Foundation of the Americas (Cambridge University Press)

Hintikka, Jaakko (CAS professor of philosophy): Socratic Epistemology: Explorations of Knowledge-Seeking by Questioning (Cambridge University Press)

Holmes, Raquell M. (Center for Computational Science assistant research professor): A Cell Biologist’s Guide to Modeling and Bioinformatics (Wiley and Sons, Inc.)

Jacobs, Karen (SAR’79) (SAR clinical professor of occupational therapy), ed.: Ergonomics for Therapists (Elsevier)

Jarrett, Gene Andrew (CAS associate professor of English) with Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., eds.: The New Negro: Readings on Race, Representation, and African American Culture, 1892-1938 (Princeton University Press)

Katz, Steven T. (CAS professor of religion and director of theElie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies) with Biderman, Shlomo, andGreenberg, Gershon, eds.: Wrestling with God: Jewish Theological Responses During and After the Holocaust (Oxford University Press)

Kelly, Dorothy (CAS professor of romance studies): Reconstructing Woman: From Fiction to Reality in the Nineteenth-Century French Novel (Penn State University Press)

Klawans, Jonathan (CAS associate professor of religion) with Bernat, David, eds.: Religion and Violence: The Biblical Heritage (Sheffield Phoenix)

Klepper, Deeana (CAS associate professor of religion): The Insight of Unbelievers: Nicholas of Lyra and Christian Reading of Jewish Text in the Later Middle Ages (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Kort, Michael (CGS professor of social science): The Columbia Guide to Hiroshima and the Bomb (Columbia University Press)

Lang, Kevin (CAS professor of economics): Poverty and Discrimination (Princeton University Press)

Lavalli, Kari (GRS’92) (CGS assistant professor of natural science) and Spanier, Ehud: The Biology and Fisheries of the Slipper Lobster (Taylor and Francis Group)

Lehrich, Christopher I. (CAS assistant professor of religion) The Occult Mind: Magic in Theory and Practice (Cornell University Press)

Littlefield, Bill (Host, WBUR‘s Only a Game) Only A Game (University of Nebraska Press)

Mayers, David (CAS professor of political science): Dissenting Voices in America’s Rise to Power (Cambridge University Press)

Michener, Robert (CAS biology department laboratory manager) with Kate Lajtha, eds.: Stable Isotopes in Ecology and Environmental Science (Blackwell Publishing)

Mills, Nick (COM associate professor of journalism): Karzai: The Failing American Intervention and the Struggle for Afghanistan (Wiley)

Norton, Augustus R. (CAS professor of international relations): Hezbollah: A Short History (Princeton University Press)

Peköz, Erol (SMG associate professor of operations management) and Ross, Sheldon: A Second Course in Probability (ProbabilityBookstore.com)

Rand, Peter (COM preceptor), and Sullivan, Lawrence, translators; Gao Wenqian, author: Zhou Enlai: The Perfect Revolutionary (PublicAffairs)

Rizova, Polly S. (CAS’03) (CGS assistant professor of social science): The Secret of Success: The Double Helix of Formal and Informal Structures in an R&D Laboratory (Stanford University Press)

Saleh, Bahaa (ENG professor of electrical and computer engineering) and Teich, Malvin Carl (ENG professor of electrical and computer engineering): Fundamentals of Photonics, 2nd Edition (Wiley)

Salge-Blake, Joan (SAR’84) (SAR clinical assistant professor): Nutrition and You (Pearson/Benjamin Cummings)

Schmidt, James (CAS professor of history and political science), ed.; Theodor Adorno (Ashgate)

Sharma, Sunil (CAS senior lecturer in modern languages and comparative literature) with Lewis, Franklin, eds.: The Necklace of the Pleiades (Purdue University Press with Rozenberg Publishers)

Shipton, Parker (CAS associate professor of anthropology and research fellow in African studies): The Nature of Entrustment: Intimacy, Exchange, and the Sacred in Africa (Yale University Press)

Sichel, Kim (CAS associate professor of art history): To Fly: Contemporary Aerial Photography (University of Washington Press)

Sierz, Aleks (CFA London Program lecturer): The Theatre of Martin Crimp (A&C Black)

Smith, Matthew Wilson (CAS assistant professor of English): The Total Work of Art: From Bayreuth to Cyberspace (Routledge)

Steketee, Gail (SSW professor and dean ad interim), Frost, Randy, and Tolin, David F.: Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding (Oxford University Press)

Stoehr, Kevin L. (GRS’97) (CGS associate professor of humanities) with Connolly, Michael C., eds.: John Ford in Focus: Essays on the Filmmaker’s Life and Work (McFarland & Co. Publishers)

Stone, Bryan (STH professor of evangelism and E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism): Evangelism After Christendom: The Theology and Practice of Christian Witness (Brazos Press)

Taubin, Alexander(ENG associate professor of electrical and computer engineering),Cortadella, Jordi, Lavagno, Luciano, Kondratyev, A., and Peeters, A.: Design Automation of Real-Life Asynchronous Devices and Systems (Now Publishers)

Ureneck, Lou (COM professor of journalism and department chair): Backcast: Fatherhood, Fly-fishing, and a River Journey Through the Heart of Alaska (St. Martin’s Press)

Van Anglen, Kevin P. (CAS instructor in English) with Adelson, Glenn, Engell, James, Ranalli, Brent, eds.: The Environment: An Interdisciplinary Anthology (Yale University Press)

Weil, David (SMG professor of economics), Fung, Archon, and Graham, Mary: Full Disclosure: The Perils and Promise of Transparency (Cambridge University Press)

Whalen, Thomas J. (CGS associate professor of social science): A Higher Purpose: Profiles in Presidential Courage (Ivan R. Dee)

Wrigley, Ronald Glenn (Director of Educational Resource Center and CAS lecturer in Italian in romance studies department): The Everything Italian Practice Book (Adams Media)

Yudkin, Jeremy (CFA associate professor of musicology): Miles Davis, Miles Smiles, and the Invention of Post Bop (Indiana University Press)

Zatlin, Jonathan (CAS assistant professor of history): The Currency of Socialism: Money and Political Culture in East Germany (Cambridge University Press); Swett, Pamela, and Wiesen, S. Jonathan: Selling Modernity: Advertising in Twentieth-Century Germany (Duke University Press)