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Beyond Routine

Cheerleaders and dancers go for their gold


Some of Boston University’s most skilled cheerleaders and dancers experienced a change of scenery this past weekend.

The Boston University Cheerleading Team (right) and the Boston University Dance Team (below) flew to Daytona Beach, Fla., on Wednesday, April 8, to compete in the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) and National Dance Alliance (NDA) Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship.

Last year’s dance team placed in several categories, and included two All-American dancers. The cheerleading team competed in the NCA Championships in 2006 and hopes to place again.

The student-athletes on the cheerleading team lead the fans at all home men’s and women’s basketball games, participate in various community service events, and compete in regional and national competitions. The dance team members are dedicated to the art of dance and the promotion of school spirit, performing at men’s and women’s basketball games, in on-campus shows, at community service events, and in competitions.

Brendan Gauthier can be reached at btgauth@bu.edu.


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