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Case, Melville Scholarships recognize scholarship and extracurriculars


Victor Coelho, the associate provost for undergraduate education (left), with some of the scholarship recipients. Photo by BU Photo Services

The Provost’s Office has announced the winners of the Harold C. Case Scholarship and the Dean Elsbeth Melville Scholarship. They were honored at a ceremony on April 28, 2009, at the Castle.

The Harold C. Case Scholarship is awarded to students based on scholarly accomplishment and participation in extracurricular activities. The award was established in honor of Harold C. Case (STH’27, Hon.’67), president of Boston University from 1951 to 1967.

The Dean Elsbeth Melville Scholarship honors women based on scholarship, high moral character, and contributions to BU life. The award is in honor of Dean Elsbeth Melville (CAS’27), who served as BU’s dean of women from 1945 to 1970. She supervised BU’s first dorm system for women and instituted student dorm advisors and a system of student dorm government.

Winners of the Harold C. Case Scholarship

Tunde Agboola (ENG’10), computer engineering major

Raanan Alter (CAS’10), biology major

Kathryn Curtin (CAS’10), international relations major

Julia Fogerite (UNI’10)

Katherine French (CAS’10) archaeology and classics major

Lianna Hamilton (CAS’10) religion major

Celia Kelly (CAS’10), classical studies major

Nikhar Kinger (MED’09)

Andrew LeGendre (ENG’10), manufacturing engineering major

Kathryn Persons (CAS’10), linguistics major

Daniel Ryan (ENG’10), electrical engineering major

Kevin Ryan (ENG’10), mechanical engineering major

Winners of the Dean Elsbeth Melville Scholarship

Molly Daniels (SAR’10), physical therapy major

Anna Graves (UNI’10)

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