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A Challenge to Change the World

Congressman Michael Capuano’s speech for Commencement 2009


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In the video above, Congressman Michael Capuano (Hon.’09) addresses the Class of 2009, gathered at Nickerson Field for the University’s 136th Commencement.

Capuano, who represents the state’s Eighth District (which includes Boston University) in Washington, D.C., expressed confidence in the graduates’ abilities, but warned them against the temptation to focus only on personal success and material comfort.


One Comment on A Challenge to Change the World

  • Elizabeth Ellis on 05.22.2009 at 5:46 am


    The values Capuano mentions are good, to strive for the high goals in life, but he falls short entirely when he allows an incompetent unworthy president who won a villains trophy of no challenge to the incumbent two party contest is allowed for the majority to rule!

    We are not Democrats and Republicans. There was a valid and democratic Constitutional challenge on the majority of 50 state ballots, four challengers took advantage of the proper way to achieve democracy by following state rules and getting citizen signatures to prove their names were endorsed and wanted by the citizens to challenge the incumbent “rule” in office: Baldwin, Barr, McKinney, and Nader were the challengers for peace and real change wanted by a majority against the increased red ink wars of Obama and McCain. The world’s people and the environment were offended by the lack of the true contest and the true votes to be cast for a valid election.

    I am not proud of what he describes, “our first Afro-American President” is before us today. That is not a proper achievement. IF Obama won on the merits of being the best, in education, track, and platforms offered and IF he represented the TRUE change wanted, THEN I would be proud, but he does not and would not and is not the change wanted, and the real change needed is not a change in the slate of six that was the real contest, the real change is that the people WAKE UP and DEMAND the true democracy and give the world the peace it deserves.

    Did the students notice how Capuano slipped intentionally into the students unwitting view that we may have an Iraq as we did Vietnam, – Nader warned the B.U. students that both parties are corrupt war racketerring and are for profit, not public interest, and that if either frontrunner of the two parties was elected, there would be a draft into the middle east of the students and it would not be gender-discriminatory.

    I posted a flyer after I saw there were SIX not TWO and four challenged the two the corporate corrupt two party endorsing media put before the people, on September 11, 2008 in the B.U. Law School library, suggesting that the students could organize and do what Nader suggested as a clear opportunity for the present and the future, have student debates, not mock debates, REAL UNIVERSITY student debates where the students influence the candidates political agendas FOR THEIR FUTURE as well as everyone’s. It was a wonderful idea, but no one replied.

    I believe students think the parent generation is trustworthy and whatever is is ok. It is NOT. And, Capuano here certainly continues the misconception horrifically.

    Students do not want to be drafted into an illegal war and killed by the thousands because the “commander in chief is a coward” and wants red ink military increased already done by Bush into more trillions stated in front of the students at commencement as if it is to be proud of, it is not. And, Obama in the front lines of his increase in troops? You gotta be kidding. No he would not. He thinks offensives at the highest level of actual weaponry all over the world owned by the U.S. military war increases is progress! Now your turn? That is not to thank.

    I was happy B.U. invited Nader in December, I wish they had invited him for Commencement, to tell them how he had ACHIEVED his HUGE PUBLIC INTEREST RECORD of founding the Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Freedom of Information Act, and Interstate Meat Inspection, end of commercial power plants…founding of organizations for citizen activism….BUT, ISN’T IT TIME WE HAD THE PUBLIC INTEREST not the corruption IN OFFICE?

    Four challengers offered a budget in the black, cuts in the military not trillions in red ink increases, peace by bringing our troops home from both Iraq and Afghanistan, priorities on track for the proper use of the MAJORITY’s taxes which are not Republican and or Democrat.

    A majority is registered outside the two parties. 24 states do not register party. Of the total 167 million voters registered nationally only 62 million are actually registered in the combined two parties. Elections are not supposed to be party wars. They are supposed to be the frontrunners on the merits of what is BEST for the country, shown in the frontrunner status, and the slate in full, with the independents is supposed to be the real choice and the BEST is supposed to be the CLEAR winner, not someone who cannot win because all we have in office is corruption.

    We have a Constitution that provides majority rule.

    People at a majority level can demand the change for peace not war and no red ink military which is entirely illegal and not wanted world-wide.

    I demonstrated outside the B.U. Law School Commencement Speaker, Howard Dean, who was the Chair of the Democratic Committee and did the fundraising that put Obama into office — Dean did that AFTER he dropped out of the media’s limelight as an anti-war candidate, and he deferred to Kerry for SuperTuesday winning and tipping the scales to one candidate when the contest should have run the entire season to net the truth of the agendas of the Democratic Party AS WELL AS the entire FULL slate competing-RALPH NADER was challenging the duopoly of two party control, and Dean had protested Nader, when, in my view, Dean should have endorsed not protested. “Go Home Dean” was my sign outside, because Dean protested Nader. My protest was valid, Dean’s was not. What is the matter with the two parties that they do not allow the challenge of democracy? Especially when the issue is war or peace, and the war present is not real, it is civil wars that are not allowed the ugly heavyweight interference that is not OK, not Legal, and not wanted by the countries who are suffering both injuries, death, war, and pollution, it is international chaos for the worse, time to stop now. Dean’s anti-democracy party is heinous and he is at fault for putting it in front as if an achievement, his energy and ability to net the funds was impressive but for the wrong stuff, obviously. Obama does not intend to stop the wars. And, he was not allowed the proper candidate challenge before the people to have the informed vote results at a majority level.

    Students can protest, and the parent generation should admit they did not CURE the VIETNAM military industrial complex offensives that the world does not need or want. EVERYONE can say NO to the Military Industrial Complex and YES to honest democracy where ONLY VALID ELECTIONS OF CHALLENGE AGAINST INCUMBENTS nets the real winner chosen by the people.

    We need to have the void to valid elections happen, and only people can make it happen. Parents and students need to force the change. No draft is OK, not at all. And, we do not have the money, and there is no proper cause. It is genocide to side within a country and it is inflammatory and it is too offensive and the remedy is to net a leader who is honest and knows the red ink military is unconscionable.

    Peace is VERY overdue, and is claimed in style, but the claim is outside not inside our government.

    Capuano is being very disingenuous.

    I do not want any wars in the Middle East and I am certain the students did not believe he was telling them they had to fight the Middle East to have “more” than what God gave them. I disagree, entirely. The Middle East is a very relgious non-materialistic region and the war from the United States in their midst is not just and not caused by them. It is not from the public choosing an agenda. Only a few would, and they ruled the present, and Capuano is being one of those!

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